The light side of the COVID-19 pandemic

The nation, and certainly the news media, is consumed with fears of the coronavirus pandemic. The world is largely in a “shut-down” mode. Locally, we are taking unprecedented measures in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

While there is a need for caution, it always helps the human spirit to find a bit of humor in times of crisis.

For example, toilet paper seems to have reached the status of gold and silver. It has suddenly become a precious commodity. At the same time, gun sales have soared. One might assume that people are arming themselves in order to protect their toilet paper. Who knows?

In a recent grocery shopping excursion I found empty shelves with many items unavailable. Not finding the items I wanted, I stocked up on vinegar and baking soda. In fact, I may have cornered the local market!

Watching the national news, it is apparent that the media is consumed with this virus. They parade out “expert” after “expert” providing the latest predictions ranging from “don’t worry”, to “it’s the end of the world”. The truth is likely somewhere in between.

Apparently criminals are hiding in their lairs and all weather events have faded from the radar. I never realized criminals and Mother Nature were so conscientious. I feel most sorry for Joe Biden. He is still winning delegates but not one is paying attention, except maybe Bernie Sanders. They have apparently become back-page news.

Government officials, while taking appropriate steps, seem to be competing with one another as to who can proclaim the most safety measures. Most efforts seem to focus on keeping people from getting close to one another. The success is yet to be determined.

All of this is in fun, of course. The local area is to be commended for their efforts at preventative measures, both government actions and voluntary measures. Schools are closed, no visitors allowed at area nursing home, suspended church services, and the canceling of scheduled events.

What we are witnessing is unprecedented in our lifetimes. Tremendous sacrifices have been made by government, businesses, organizations, and individuals. The nation will survive and economic recovery could happen quickly. 

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