Let There Be Light

In the book of Genesis, God says “Let there be light”. Whatever the process, our Sun is essential to life on planet Earth. Without it, we could not exist.

If we were a little closer to the sun, or a little further away, Earth would be lifeless. The sun provides warmth in addition to light. Sunlight comes in three forms, visible light which allows us to see the beauty of nature, infrared light which provides heat, and ultraviolet light which is familiar to those who sun tan.

Our sun is about 93 million miles from Earth. It is huge, capable of enclosing more than a million Earths within if that were possible. Light from the sun reaches Earth in about 8 minutes and 20 seconds. Since it arrives in a steady stream we never notice a pause.

The sun provides many benefits. It provides plants with the energy to take in carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen which is necessary for human life to exist. It impacts our weather patterns. It stirs our atmosphere and draws moisture into the air which then becomes life-giving rain. Because Earth’s axis is tilted, we are provided with changing seasons. It provides us with needed Vitamin D.

The sun can be harmful as well. Too much exposure to the ultraviolet rays can damage our skin, contributing to the aging process and causing skin cancer. We should carefully monitor our skin’s exposure to the summer sun.

As noted, the sun is huge. It comprises 99.8 percent of our solar system’s mass. It’s gravity pull keeps the planets in our solar system in their orbits, otherwise we could go shooting off through space.

The surface temperature of our sun is about 10,000 degrees Farenheit. But  relentless nuclear fusion inside keeps the core temperature at about 27 million degrees.

But, large as our sun is, it is much smaller than many suns (stars) in the universe. 

How it came to exist, and how it allows life on Earth is worthy of reflection and thought. It is part of the mystery of life. 

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