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Cameron Veteran's Home resident Charlie Clark (formerly of Milan, MO) joined the United States Air Force in October of 1948. He took basic training at Sheppard AFB in Texas, before going to Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming for additional schooling.


      He trained in Communications prior to deployment to Japan for three years where he was active as a Cryptographer and communication security. He was there when the Korean War broke out, and says their base was on continual “High Alert”. He says they were over-flown by enemy aircraft, but never attacked.


       He said that he had a number of “experiences” during the war, but preferred not to discuss them.


       Following Japan, he was stationed at Andrews AFB in Washington, D.C. for a year. He is proud of his service to his country.


       After his service, Charlie returned to Milan where he joined his father’s plumbing, heating & cooling, and electrical business. He was married and purchased a hardware store in Browning, MO. After several years he sold the hardware store and moved to the Lake of the Ozarks, near Osage Beach where he worked in plumbing, heating and cooling, and as a carpenter. He was also involved in the real estate and insurance business around the lake area.


        He and his wife, Averill, moved back to Milan after 15 years at the lake, where he purchased the Stanley Hotel, which he operated for 8 years before selling it. 


        Charlie was active in civic affairs in the community, and was especially involved with the local historical society. His wife passed away in 2001. He remarried in a couple of years to second wife Mary Ann, a girl he went to school with in the first grade. She worked for the Milan Standard Newspaper, and Charlie wrote articles for the paper from time to time.


         Charlie has much praise for the Cameron Veteran’s Home. He said that comparing it to other nursing homes is like comparing a Ford to a Rolls Royce. He finds Cameron Veterans Home very clean with a “very caring staff”.


The following is a story written by Charlie Clark


Home Away From Home

by: Charlie Clark


On the 16th of July 2019, I checked into "The Missouri Veterans Home" in Cameron, MO as a resident. 
A lot of my friends asked me " Why do you want to go to a nursing home?" Comparing this Veteran's home with a nursing home is about like comparing a Ford car with a Rolls Royce. I had been living alone for about 18 months and with a big yard and house (and a 90 year old body) that was changing daily, I decided it was time to do something different. 

On entering the home you find a large waiting room with about a dozen comfortable seats. There is a front desk with a nice smiling face to greet you. Every lobby must have a "Bird Cage". This one is about six feet long and high and about 2 foot deep with 2 glass doors covering the front. The cage (or home) has nests, swings and fake trees. The birds may lay their eggs and raise their young in them. 
Looking straight ahead from the desk into a patio and backyard, you see something to flip you flipper-THE STATUE OF LIBERTY. The statue stands about 10 feet high and is mounted on a base about 4 feet high. Donald R. Blythe passed away while living in this Veteran's home in 2005. His family donated the Statue and a group of his friend’s and the maintenance crew of the home installed it. 
Just to the right of the lobby is a large dining hall, seating more than a hundred people. The dining hall is used once a week and Bingo is played other nights for entertainment. Going the other direction they have a room for card games and other games. The gym room is to keep everyone fit and healthy, has good help to see that everyone stays safe. 

The home has a bus going to Wal-Mart once a week to shop and workers will take your list and shop for you on another day if you can't or don't want to make the trip. The bus also makes trips to town for movies, Missouri River Gamin Boat and show in K.C. This month it is going to St. Joe to watch the Chiefs workout. 
The home has four chapels with services about four times a week for different denominations. 
The home has many places to set out in the sun. If you like to read or use the computers (like I am now) there is a Military Library. 
My address is Charles Clark, Missouri Veterans Home, 1111 Euclid Avenue, Room 160-1, Cameron, MO 64429. 



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