Healthy Habits: The Importance of Self Care

The ability to manage your time is the key to living a balanced life.


 Healthy Habits: The Importance of Self Care 

Every time a plane takes off, a flight attendant carefully instructs all passengers of what to do in the event the plane loses cabin pressure.  They emphasize the importance of adults placing their own oxygen mask on first. This ensures enough air flow to remain conscious long enough to help fellow passengers should they require assistance.

Consider this analogy in your own life.  How can we effectively take care of those who depend on us most if our own oxygen supply is depleted?  The answer is: WE CAN’T.  Whether you’re male, female, mother, father, son, daughter, or caregiver, we are endlessly providing for others. We must start taking better care of our own health because no one else can do it for us. 

Why Don’t We Take Better Care of Ourselves?

1.       Feelings of guilt

2.       Limited time left in the day

3.       Fear of what might be found

4.       Cost of healthcare


It is imperative we figure out ways to change our mindset and behavior towards our health.  Feeling guilty for taking care of ourselves can no longer be an excuse for neglecting physical, social and emotional needs.  Using the excuse, “I don’t have time” is also like saying, “I don’t want to”. We all have the same twenty-four hours in the day. Some of us just prioritize more efficiently. Life is about trade-offs. The ability to manage your time is the key to living a balanced life.  


Genetics can play a significant role on our future health.  Routine preventive exams and health screenings help identify health problems in the early stages when they may be easier and less costly to treat.  Every screening provides a baseline for early detection and diagnosis.  Sometimes we fear what we don’t know.  These routine exams can help to relieve stress and worry. 


Not everyone has the luxury of affordable health insurance or a plan offering exclusive coverage with no deductible. Cost is a factor when it comes to health. Financing is available through many healthcare establishments.  Don’t make the mistake of believing you can’t afford to take care of yourself. 


Top 10 ways we can take care of ourselves:


1.       Make appointments for your preventive health screenings and KEEP them 

2.    Schedule time in your calendar for yourself 

3.       Get a massage for relaxation

4.       Know your family medical history 

5.      Get help managing your debt and start saving

6.       Seek out professional counseling if you need to talk to someone

7.       Eat a healthy diet 

8.       Exercise regularly

9.       Eliminate smoking/alcohol 

10.   Get 7 hours of sleep, minimum


Making one or two lifestyle changes and sticking with them can improve your overall health.  Make yourself a priority.   You deserve to feel good and live your best life. 


This week’s Healthy Tip:  Determine, through family history, which preventive health screening would be most beneficial to you, make the appointment and give yourself peace of mind.   


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