Healthy Habits: An Organized Kitchen

Preparing your kitchen for the upcoming healthy season of your life will be one of the most important tasks you can do for yourself and for your family.   A chaotic kitchen has a negative impact on how you feel about cooking and hinders healthy eating behaviors.

Take a look around your kitchen. Whether it’s large or small, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are setting yourself up for success for your 2019 healthy adventure. 

1. Do not store food on the counter.   If you use something every day, give it a prime spot in a cabinet or pantry.  Place fresh fruit in a bowl as a centerpiece on the table for easy access. 

2. Only have equipment on your counter you use regularly.  This not only allows you more counter space for food prep, but it also gives your kitchen a fresh, clean look.  Examples of items taking up too much space on counters usually consist of blenders, mixers, food processors, and crockpots.  

3.  Eliminate paperwork or mail accumulation in the kitchen.  If you must, place a small basket or tray in the kitchen to collect the mail or paperwork. Empty this on a weekly basis and file accordingly.   It is hard to get in the spirit of cooking when your bills are staring you in the face. 

4.  Keep your dirty dishes under control.  Fill your sink up with soapy water before you start cooking.  As you cook, place dirty dishes in the sink and continually wash while preparing food.  This eases the burden of after dinner dishes. Ensuring the dishes are done before going to bed each evening allows you to start the next day with a fresh outlook and ability to move forward. 

5. Keep a running grocery list.  There is nothing worse than trying to prepare a healthy dinner for your family and finding yourself missing a key ingredient.  Random trips to the grocery store are not only a waste of precious time they are also more costly.  Post a list on the fridge for writing down items you run out of or think of while you are in the kitchen.   

By definition, a kitchen is a room where food is cooked or prepared.  In my opinion, the kitchen is the most important room of your home. Food brings families together. Family traditions are cultivated here.   Make 2019 the year you start cultivating healthy traditions, allow more time for preparing new recipes, invite family to get involved with menu selections and create an inviting space that encourages meaningful conversation. 

This Week’s Healthy Tip:  Give yourself a kitchen makeover in just a few short hours. Follow the 5 tips above and donate kitchen items that you no longer use. 


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