If Not Now; When?

I have had the extreme pleasure of operating a business in Cameron for 36 years. During those years we have witnessed both growth and stagnation in housing, business interests, quality of life, Economic Development and other critical areas. It was during the good years that we witnessed a concentrated effort by the leaders of this community/city council to do what was in the best interest for the future growth of Cameron and the wellness for life experiences for our residence. After all if you are not moving forward you are in fact falling behind.

Today we have division in our city that needs to be resolved. We have those who want to move the city forward with Economic Development and sustainable incomes. Yet at the same time, members of the city council have consistently voted no on progress that we need to be a successful community. Economic Development is not a community wide garage sale; It is not a car show or bake sales. Economic Development is defined as sustainable growth/income that seeks to improve economic well-being and quality of life for a community by creating and/or retaining jobs and supporting or growing incomes and the tax base. Just as it takes money to make money; it takes businesses to make more businesses. We need to raise the bar of expectations and not accept normal as the way of life.

Every business in operations today needs and shares one thing in common; LAND. It allows you to build, expand, create jobs, support community needs and sustain a quality of life we all share to be important. Our recent purchase of land on BB highway has become a battleground for those who don’t understand that if you don’t have it; they won’t come. So if not now: When? Investors who are interested in our community will first give you the ‘Eye’ test. They want to know what you have for quality building sites, existing buildings for expansion, recreation, and leadership in your community, especially on the City Council. It’s time to move forward. Ask yourself one important question; where are our young people today? Where are they going? What are they looking for in their quest for a piece of life’s ventures? Then ask yourself, what are we doing to give them a reason to stay. If not now: When?

It’s time for a change in leadership, someone with a vision who sees and understands the bigger picture. Someone who has made real investments in this community and understand the pains that accompany the development and sustainability of a business. Other communities have done it; we can to. If not now; When?


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