No wind turbines in Clinton County

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing to voice my opposition to the wind turbines that are being proposed in Clinton County. I have reserved comment until now because I have been researching the pros and cons in order to make an informed decision. I have found that there are two main reasons people agree to have wind turbines on their property – one being they are interested in going green and the other is the income from the wind turbines. I have tossed these issues back and forth for months because I, like many of those in support, would like to earn that extra money that NextEra is so willing to put in front of us. I, like many, am concerned with our world and know we must continue to research alternative energy systems. I live on 80 acres in Clinton County. I’ve been a lifelong resident. My roots are deep in this county. I want what is best for Clinton County which is why I am asking for your support in opposing the wind turbines.

In my quest for information, I have learned much. First the use of wind turbines as efficient energy producers is in the distant future – not now. There are many studies that find there is little benefit to our environment when using wind turbines. One study stated that if subsidies go away, the wind turbine business will stop. Have you heard of the mantra ‘go slow to go fast’? I believe the wind industry in the USA needs to slow down, get the facts right, then move forward in order to address efficiency and productivity.

The issue that concerns me the most is health effects from wind turbines. Research has documented that people who live near wind turbines often complain of symptoms that include difficulty sleeping, fatigue, depression, irritability, aggressiveness, cognitive dysfunction, chest pain/pressure, headaches, joint pain, skin irritations, nausea, dizziness, tinnitus, and stress. There have been many documented cases of what has been called wind turbine syndrome.

Although I do not profess to know all the scientific evidence, from what I have read I have learned that despite what people are being told by NextEra, wind turbines will disrupt the quiet in the county. Recently, I stopped by a home in close proximity to wind turbines. The homeowner I visited with said the noise is bad. Even in his newer brick home, the noise could be heard. I have read that the noise can be like a washing machine gone bad: whooshing, drumming, constant drumming noise.  Today I drove by wind turbines and parked my car. What I heard is a constant repetitive noise from the turbines. Another concern is not of the noise that is easily heard, but of the infrasound at low intensities that cause something described as vibration. You cannot hear the infrasound at the levels generated by wind turbines, but your ears certainly detect and respond to it. Even within your home, the

infrasound will be detected. It is the infrasound which attributes to many of the symptoms of ill health. Washington University in St. Louis is but one of the research studies showing how wind turbines can be hazardous to human health.

It is obvious to me that the health of our Clinton County residents is more important than wind turbines. Wind turbines are not designed to be placed near communities, near homes, but in areas that are not populated. I ask you to please let your zoning representatives know that WE do not want these wind turbines.

Lori Colvin

Osborn, Mo.



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