What is Healthy?

This Week’s Healthy Tip: Use a smaller plate to serve your meals at home. Go back only for MORE vegetables. Stop eating when full. Repeat every time you eat.

Most of us associate the word “HEALTHY” with proper nutrition and adequate exercise.  For the most part, we cannot be healthy without this physicalcomponent.  There are two other components of health, mentaland social,which also largely impact why so many find it difficult to keep off weight for long-term success and struggle getting started with a healthy lifestyle.   This week’s article will focus on the physical component of health. 


What is HEALTHY? The term healthy can be defined as, “Eating a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to keep your body disease free, maintain energy and feel good”.  


Just saying the word “healthy” gives many people a bad taste in their mouth.  This word is most often associated with that other awful word… “diet.”   To most people, this means forgoing all satisfying, delicious food and being forced to eat vegetables for life.   This absolutely is not the case. 


In my experience, it is much easier to implement a healthy eating system that incorporates fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, while slowly decreasing snack foods, desserts, soda and processed meats.   I call this inclusion eating rather than an elimination diet.  When I’m told I can’t have something, it makes me crave it more.  I’m more likely to eat five of them instead of just one.


The amount of food in our diet is at the heart of healthy eating.  For the last forty years, we have all been led to believe more is better.  Portion control is out of control.  Buffet’s offer unlimited trips to fill multiple plates and fast food restaurants offer supersized fries and drinks for one low price.   The problem is now we are all paying a very high price… Type 2 Diabetes, overweight and obesity, heart disease and cancer.  


Childhood obesity in the United States is 18.5%. Children don’t work, cook, buy groceries, or drive. Few have little decision-making authority. Children are relying on parents and caregivers to provide them with the opportunities to make healthier choices and model healthy behavior. 


Healthy is going to have a different meaning to every single person and YOU get to decide your own level of health.   Every body requires a different amount of nutrients and activity level because every person has a different lifestyle.  The results you achieve will be in direct proportion of the effort you put in to living a healthy lifestyle. 


Make 2019 the year of HEALTHY LIVING.  Start moving more. Start eating more of fruits and vegetables and eating less processed foods.  Spend more time focusing on you.   As you consider buying the bags of holiday candy on sale, remember this phrase: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.


This Week’s Healthy Tip: Use a smaller plate to serve your meals at home. Go back only for MORE vegetables. Stop eating when full.  Repeat every time you eat. 

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