A Federal Judge Has Put a Temporary Stop to the Biden Administration From Ending Border Restrictions for Migrants Under Title 42 of the Covid Act!

A federal judge in Louisiana has temporarily prevented the Biden administration from lifting a Trump-era pandemic border ban.

The Biden administration had planned to terminate Title 42, the public health authority, on May 23, a decision that has been panned by both Republicans and Democrats.

Because of the public health problem, border authorities can send migrants back to Mexico or their native nations.

The public health authority is in place, so Monday’s order from Judge Robert Summerhays is unlikely to change the reality on the ground, but it could throw a wrench in the administration’s plans moving ahead.

More than 20 states had sought the court to prevent the administration from terminating Title 42 and had requested the court to intervene promptly last week.

The Justice Department, which was opposed to the request, did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.

Migrants Under Title 42 of the Covid Act!

“Plaintiffs’ Motion for Temporary Restraining Order [ECF No. 24] was discussed by the Court. The Court indicated its intention to approve the request for the grounds mentioned on the record.

The parties will communicate and attempt to achieve an agreement on the particular provisions to be included in the Temporary Restraining Order “Summerhays penned a letter on Monday.

In a statement, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich stated, “We commend the Court for granting our request for a Temporary Restraining Order to maintain Title 42 in place.”

“The Biden administration’s brazen disrespect for existing laws and appropriate administrative procedures cannot continue.”

“Our Office recently received a temporary restraining order to preserve Title 42 in place in a lawsuit initially filed by Missouri, Louisiana, and Arizona.

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This is a significant victory for border security, but the fight is far from over “On Monday, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt sent out a tweet.

Texas has also filed a lawsuit to prevent Title 42 from being repealed. That case has yet to be decided by a federal judge in Texas.