A Year After Twitter’s Prohibition, Trump’s Social Networking App Is Up and Running| Latest News!

NEW YORK (AP) – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has resigned. Following a year of being barred from using Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, former President Donald Trump launched a social media app on Monday that he hopes will be a direct competitor to Twitter.

Trump is looking for a new digital stage to rally his supporters and fight Big Tech restrictions on free expression.

Truth Social was made available for download from the Apple App Store to a limited number of subscribers who had preordered it,

with others being added to a waiting list and given access over the course of the next 10 days to those who preordered.

The site experienced technical difficulties shortly after its introduction, with reports claiming that subscribers were unable to access the site for several hours.

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Others were having difficulties logging in. It is not scheduled to be available for download until the end of next month, if at all, on the website.

A message to some of those attempting to use the platform stated, “Due to high demand, we have placed you on our waitlist.” The message also stated, “We love you.”

When Trump announces his third presidential run, he hopes Truth Social will draw the millions of people who have followed him on Twitter, resulting in an explosion of new members to justify the billions of dollars that investors have invested in the enterprise.

In recent months, the stock of a firm that intends to acquire Trump Media and Technology Group, the parent company of Truth Social, has risen dramatically.

 Trump's Social Networking

A Year After Twitter’s Prohibition, Trump’s Social Networking App Is Up and Running

Truth Social was the #1 free app in the United States on Monday morning, according to Apple’s rankings, beating out the “Talking Ben the Dog” children’s game, streaming service HBO Max, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, among other competitors.

The partial launch on Monday follows an experimental “beta” launch to test the platform, which took place the previous Monday.

Following the violence on the 6th of January in the Capitol, which critics accused Trump of encouraging, Trump was barred from using major social media platforms.

In a social media market driven by a small number of digital firms, the restriction has generated delicate questions about free expression, which President Donald Trump and conservative media have pounced on.

Conservatives jumped at the opportunity to utilize the launch of Truth Social to generate money for their election campaigns.

“After over A YEAR of being muzzled by the Liberal Big Tech Tyrants: TRUMP. IS. BACK,” wrote Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in a fundraising email plea on Monday.

“After over A YEAR of being muzzled by the Liberal Big Tech Tyrants: TRUMP. IS. BACK.”

In addition, organizations such as the Republican National Committee and the Congressional Leadership Fund have raised money as a result of the launch.

“Our first purpose here is to restore people’s ability to speak for themselves,” Trump Media CEO and former Republican Congressman Devin Nunes said on Fox News Sunday.

He went on to say that the app is “the polar opposite of some Silicon Valley tech billionaire freak telling people what to think and dictating who can and cannot be on the platform.”

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However, Trump faces enormous obstacles in his attempt to capitalize on public fury over the social media restrictions in order to attract a large audience and keep the stock price growing — and perhaps earn him hundreds of millions of dollars personally.

Alternative messaging systems that have already been made available to the public, such as Getty and Parler, have failed to transcend their status as echo chambers for conservative political opinion.

Trump’s company, Trump Media, is likewise experiencing financial difficulties. A publicly traded firm that seeks to merge with it has committed roughly $300 million in cash, and dozens of private investors have pledged an extra $1 billion in cash to help support its operations.

However, it must still get regulatory clearance for the merger before it can access the funds.

Digital World Acquisition Corp., the company with which it hopes to merge, has stated that regulators are investigating it following reports that it may have violated securities regulations last year by speaking with Trump representatives about the possibility of forming a joint venture before selling stock to the public.

Digital World is a so-called “blank-check” firm, which means that it is only permitted to go public quickly and without making many disclosures if it has not yet identified a target to acquire.

Earlier this fall, a regulatory inquiry was launched into alleged stock trading breaches, which was the subject of a second probe.

In its stock valuation, Stock is Digital World estimates the value of its future merger target, Trump Media, to be $10 billion.

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