According to Ron Desantis, He Passed Out While Giving the State of the Union Address| Viral News!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke at a news conference at the University of South Florida, where he claimed that President Joe Biden struggled to keep his attention during the State of the Union address on Tuesday.

According to DeSantis, a Republican, “I sat for the most of the State of the Union address.” “During it, I slept off a couple of times. I’ll admit it. Because I have three children under the age of five, we get a little fatigued by the time it gets beyond nine o’clock most nights.”

The governor then turned his attention to the concerns affecting the United States, particularly excessive gas costs.
“We have a lot of challenges in this country, and that’s something you have to deal with, as you can see from the above quote.

The fact that so many of these issues have been generated by Biden and his administration since he became president, however, is remarkable. Consider the price of gasoline: people are chafing at the pump.”

DeSantis’ remarks on gas prices were reminiscent of the Republican rebuttal delivered by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds during Vice President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.

the State of the Union Address.

Reynolds stated in her remarks that the president and the Democratic Party “have spent the last year either ignoring or exacerbating the problems that Americans are confronting.”

Government spending is an example, and she blamed Democrats for growing inflation and pressing forward with policy changes that contributed to the rise in the price of gasoline.

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“They were warned that spending trillions of dollars would result in skyrocketing inflation,” Reynolds said of the Bush administration.

“They were warned that their anti-energy measures would cause gas prices to soar to unprecedented heights. However, they continued on their path, boosting the price of gasoline by 50 percent and pushing inflation to a 40-year high in the process.”

The president’s economic program has been a main source of contention for DeSantis and the Republican Party.

According to DeSantis, who spoke last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, Biden’s policies have resulted in “rampant Biden-inflation,” and that this has led to “rampant Biden-inflation.”

“His policies are to blame for the inflation, and we are not going to let anyone forget that. All in all, he’s had the worst first year of any president since the 1800s, according to some estimates “In his speech at CPAC,

DeSantis, whose name has been floated as a prospective presidential candidate in 2024, expressed his views on the subject.

While economists have praised Biden’s efforts to maintain economic growth and guide the country toward a more normal state of economic activity as the country continues to recover from COVID-19,

a CNBC/Change Research poll conducted in January found that 60 percent of voters believe the president is failing in this area.