AG Confirms Man’s Death After NYPD Officer Throws Cooler at Motorbike
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AG Confirms Man’s Death After NYPD Officer Throws Cooler at Motorbike

A tragic incident involving the alleged hurling of a picnic cooler at a motorcyclist by a New York City police sergeant has led to the officer’s suspension and a broader investigation. 

The incident, which resulted in the motorcyclist’s demise, has raised questions about police accountability and conduct.

According to authorities, the incident occurred in the Bronx when the motorcyclist attempted to elude law enforcement. 

Tragically, the motorcyclist, subsequently identified as Eric Duprey, collided and perished after allegedly being struck by the hurled cooler. 

The Office of Special Investigation of the New York State Attorney General’s Office has assumed responsibility for the investigation.

The NYPD has suspended Sgt. Erik Duran, the officer involved in the incident, was without pay. 

The surveillance footage broadcast by NBC New York captured the instant the white cooler collided with the motorcyclist, causing the accident. Notably, the person who tossed the container was not wearing a uniform.

The medical examiner’s office will likely determine Duprey’s cause of death. 

After allegedly being captured distributing narcotics to an undercover officer, the police department stated that Duprey attempted to flee. 

As reported by The Associated Press, the sergeant’s participation in the incident was part of a ‘buy-and-bust’ operation.

However, Duprey’s mother contests the police account, claiming it is ‘all lies.’ 

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Unveiling Concerns: Community Outcry and Police Accountability


The incident has elicited strong reactions from the community and the victim’s family, highlighting broader concerns regarding police behavior and potential abuse of authority.

Duprey, leaving behind three children, has garnered family and community support. 

His wife conveyed her feelings at a memorial service, referring to the incident as ‘abuse’ and ‘power abuse.’ 

The police department did not corroborate the circumstances preceding the fatal encounter to NBC News, raising further concerns about the incident.

The NYPD has pledged to conduct a thorough and open investigation into the incident. 

The department’s Force Investigation Division will collaborate with the state Attorney General’s Office, which is leading the investigation. 

The NYPD’s statement emphasized the agency’s commitment to comprehensively investigating the events.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association police union has yet to, however, issue a response to the incident immediately. 

In the meantime, the state Office of Special Investigation is required by law to investigate situations in which police actions or inactions result in deaths. 

If it is determined that an officer’s actions contributed to a person’s mortality, the attorney general’s office orders a thorough investigation of the incident.

The incident highlights the need for openness, accountability, and a comprehensive examination of police behavior. 

The broader implications of police conduct and the pursuit of justice remain at the vanguard of public discourse as the investigation progresses.

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Source: NBC News

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