An Elderly Couple Died in a Plane Crash While on Their Way to Thanksgiving Meal With Family in North Carolina

An elderly couple tragically died in a plane crash at Winston-Smith Salem’s Reynolds Airport. Patty and Joe Kreher of Illinois were on their way to Thanksgiving dinner with their family in North Carolina when their little plane, a Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, lost control and crashed.

According to media accounts, no one else was aboard the plane but the pair. Following the incident, a Forsyth County medical examiner was summoned around 3 p.m., following which police authorities confirmed the deaths in the night.

According to the Mirror, the pilot alerted air traffic control that one of the engines was not producing as much power as the other.

The plane was discovered split in half near a cluster of residences, and the National Transportation Safety Board was examining the crash. According to reports, Joe Kreher was the registered owner of the aircraft, which had been in service for almost two decades.

Joe was the President of General Machine Inc., and Patty was the Financial Controller and co-owner of the Freeburg-based firm.

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The family was ready for Thanksgiving dinner when the horrible catastrophe occurred, leaving them devastated. The pair traveled by plane from St. Louis, Missouri, to North Carolina.

According to a witness, she was close when the plane crashed between her and her neighbor’s properties. Susan Harrison-Bailey claimed she couldn’t tell if it was a jet at first because of the smoke as it smashed into the trees.