An Employee Had a Gun to Her Head; Others Ran. Chesapeake Walmart Shooting Witnesses Talk

Jessie Wilczewski had only been working at the Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, for a few days when her Tuesday night shift started with a team meeting in the break room.

When the meeting started, Wilczewski saw her team leader, who was the one who had shot her coworkers. She got away and went home to her 15-month-old child, but she told CNN that the night and the sound of blood kept playing in her head.

Andre Bing, 31, killed six of her coworkers, including a teenager, when he opened fire in a meeting room full of staff. Walmart said that Bing had been in charge of the overnight shift as a “team lead” since 2010. He is said to have shot himself.

“It’s always going. Wilczewski told CNN’s Erica Hill that the pain stays with you even after you leave the site.

Brian Pendleton, Tyneka Johnson, Kellie Pyle, Randall Blevins, and Lorenzo Gamble all died. The sixth person who died was a minor male who was 16 years old, the city said. CNN was told that they all worked at Walmart.

Employees Had Just Arrived at Work When Shooting Started

At 10 p.m., Wilczewski saw the shooter. She was listening to another team leader talk when she looked toward the doorway and saw Bing pointing a rifle at the crowd.

She said that when the gunshots started, her chest shook and her ears rang. As the gunman left, Wilczewski hid under a table. Wilczewski told CNN, “I didn’t want to be loud, make him mad, and make him come back.”

Her coworkers were all still on the floor and in chairs. Wilczewski knew that many of them were dead, but she didn’t want to leave them behind. “The drips hit the floor again and again,” she said.

When Wilczewski came back, the person with the gun told him to get out from behind the table. She did what he asked, held out her bag to show that she didn’t have a gun, and raised her arms.

An Employee Had a Gun to Her Head; Others Ran. Chesapeake Walmart Shooting Witnesses Talk

She fell under the table and was shaking. “It was pointed at my head.” He told her to go home while pointing the gun at the ceiling. “I slowly got up and didn’t look down at anyone… Before I could go to Walmart, I had to touch the bloody door.

“I grabbed my bag and thought, ‘If he’s going to shoot me in the back, he’ll have to try pretty hard,’ so I ran,” she said. “I ran until I reached my car, and then I lost it.”

After being shot in the back, 24-year-old Jalon Jones ran away. Jones’s mother, Kimberly Shupe, talked to CNN station WTKR outside of the ICU.

Shupe’s son said that an ordinary day at work turned violent when he saw the team leader’s rifle and a bullet came close to hitting Jones in the ear.

Shupe: “At that point, he knew he was being shot.” She said that Jones was shot twice when he got to the front of the store. Shupe said that another worker helped him get to her car until the doctors arrived.

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‘I Needed to Get Home to My Son

Also hired was Briana Tyler. She saw Bing in the doorway just before 10 p.m. “Everyone was just waiting to figure out where they were going to sleep,” Tyler told CNN. Tyler remembered that when Bing started shooting, he didn’t say anything and didn’t aim at anyone.

“He just shot with a blank face, and people fell to the ground,” Tyler said. She will never forget how scary it was. Tyler can’t stop thinking about him shooting and the smoke going up. “I can see the gun barrel smoking and my friend bleeding to death.”

Tyler said that the person kept shooting even though everyone was yelling. She didn’t believe it at first, but when she saw her friends hurt, she ran away. She told him to run and not trip or fall. “I had to get home to my son, so as soon as I got outside, I called my mom.”

Donya Prioleau told CNN that Bing had said “a lot of scary things.” Before she ran away, Bing shot three of her friends. “Until we saw the blood, half of us didn’t believe it,” she said.

Chesapeake said that the shooter and another dead person were found in the break room. Three more people died in the hospital, officials say.

An Employee Had a Gun to Her Head; Others Ran. Chesapeake Walmart Shooting Witnesses Talk

City officials say that at least six more people were taken to hospitals, and one of them is in critical condition. Self-reported injuries were also looked into by the authorities.

To Survive, a Woman Pretended to Be Dead

Kevin Harper did not hit the shooter. In a Facebook video, Harper says, “I forgot the break room.” “When he got there, he started shooting people. Hey, dude. After I left, he went into the break room. By God’s grace, yo,” Harper says, noticing how lucky he is.

Harper says in the video that at first, he thought it was nothing, but he soon realized something was wrong and left. “Then I heard him coming up behind me, so…” I reserved. Everyone fled. He also paid for it. “I left”

As he records, a woman tells him that she pretended to be dead when she was attacked. Some people give information about the dead. “He killed the girl,” says Harper. “He walked in and began spraying… I feel bad for the victims.”

The person who shot had a gun and a lot of bullets, the city said. Wednesday, police were looking into the suspect’s past and why he did what he did. Wilczewski is confused about what she could have done to change what happened on Tuesday and why the shooter let her go.

“It makes me very upset. “I don’t know why he did it,” said CNN. “I was afraid I was dead.” She also said something to the families of the two women who were killed. “I could have gone with the others, but I didn’t. She stayed so that the people who were dying wouldn’t be alone.