As Soon as This Summer, Low-Wage Employees in Oregon Will Get $600 Stimulus Cheques.

To help low-income families affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, Democrats in Oregon’s House of Representatives passed a bill earlier this week.

Following a 42-16 vote in the House, the bill was also passed by a 23-2 vote in the Senate this afternoon.

Senate Labor and Business Committee Chairwoman Kathleen Taylor (D-Portland) remarked, “Low-wage employees are a key element of our economy and are also the most vulnerable to growing expenses of basic essentials.” Senator Taylor carried the bill on the Senate floor. Individuals and working families benefit much from cash contributions.”

They can assist with the payment of a monthly energy bill, the purchase of prescription medications, or the purchase of everyday necessities like diapers and food. Allowing families some financial help to deal with the challenges they confront in their everyday lives is another benefit of cash payments. It’s a chance to demonstrate support for the low-wage people who come up to do the jobs that our economy relies on.”

As Soon as This Summer, Low-wage Employees in Oregon Will Get $600 Stimulus Cheques.

Rent, food, medicines, and child care are just a few of the expenses that will be alleviated as a result of the payout.

State Rep. Andrea Valderrama (D-Portland), the bill’s primary sponsor, said in a statement that “many Oregonians, myself included, are struggling to get by as the cost of living has increased.” Many low-income people and working families can benefit greatly from these payments, which can be used to cover the cost of basics such as food and medicine.

To be eligible, taxpayers must have applied for and claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit on their personal 2020 income tax returns, or they must have filed an updated 2020 personal income tax return, before April 15, 2019. The Department of Revenue (DOR) estimates that 250,000 Oregonians will be eligible.

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State Rep. Rachel Prusak (D-West Linn) noted in a statement that “we know that the income disparity has only continued to increase since the outbreak.” Our lowest-paid workers will be worst hit by rising expenses.” The working families and individuals whose hard work is crucial and constitutes the backbone of our economy will benefit from this law.”

As soon as June, eligible Oregonians can receive a check or direct transfer from the federal government.

Funding for the payments will come from the American Rescue Plan Act’s State Fiscal Recovery Fund program, which is administered by the Department of Revenue (DOR).

As a result, the legislation will now be sent to Governor Kate Brown for her approval.