‘Bodies Drop,’ According to a Walmart Manager Who Kills Six People in a Virginia Attack

Chesapeake, Va. Police and witnesses say that a Walmart manager pulled out a gun before an employee meeting and opened fire in the break area, killing six people.

Chesapeake is the second largest city in Virginia. The police said that he shot himself. It wasn’t clear why. As the intruder shot without saying a word, a coworker saw “corpses drop.”

He was firing all over. He hit everybody. He never spoke. Briana Tyler, who works at Walmart, said that he didn’t pick on anyone in particular.

After 10 p.m., six people were shot while people were shopping for Thanksgiving. Police say there were about 50 people in the store. Since 2010, Andre Bing, who is 31 years old, has led Walmart’s overnight team. The police said he had a gun and extra rounds of ammunition.

Tyler said that 15 to 20 people who worked overnight were in the break room talking about the morning plan. One squad leader said, “Okay, guys, it’s going to be a light night.” Then Bing shot the workers.

At first, Tyler thought the gunshots were just a drill.

She said that it was God’s mercy that a bullet didn’t hit her. I saw smoke from a gun and people falling. “That was crazy.” Bing and two other people were found dead in the break room by police. One of the victims was found near the front of the store. In hospitals, three people died.

Tyler has worked at Walmart for two months and worked with Bing the night before. Tyler has never had a bad experience with Bing, but other people have told her that he is “the manager to watch out for.” She said that Bing made up lies about people.

'Bodies Drop,' According to a Walmart Manager Who Kills Six People in a Virginia Attack

“To be honest, he liked picking. I think he looked for little things just because he could. She said, “Many people said that about him.” Jessie Wilczewski said that while she was hiding under a table, Bing pointed his gun at her. When he said, “Go home,” she left.

Police didn’t say what the boy’s name was, but he was 16 years old. Brian Pendleton, 38, Kellie Pyle, 52, Lorenzo Gamble, 43, and Randy Blevins, 70, are all from Chesapeake. Tyneka Johnson, 22, is from Portsmouth.

They either worked there or were customers. Gwendolyn Bowe Baker Spencer said that her son and Pyle were going to get married next year. Spencer said that Pyle’s grown-up kids will go to Virginia.

“We love her,” said Spencer. She was wonderful and kind.” It was the second strike in a week for Virginia. On Nov. 13, three Virginia football players were killed when they were shot on a charter bus. Two more people got hurt.

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A gunman killed 5 and hurt 17 at a gay bar in Colorado Springs a few days before the Walmart attack. This spring, a gunman went into an elementary school in Texas and killed 21 people.

Tuesday’s shooting reminded me of another Walmart shooting in 2019 in which a gunman killed 23 people, mostly Mexicans, who were shopping there.

A database put together by The Associated Press, USA Today, and Northeastern University shows that there have been 40 mass killings in the U.S. so far in 2022. That’s compared to 45 in 2019, which was the worst year on record. A mass killing is defined as at least four people dying, not including the killer.

Since Oct. 21, 51 people have been killed in eight states in more than a quarter of the mass shootings that have happened. Nine of the 11 sounds were shots.

Joe Biden tweeted that he and the first lady were sad and added, “We feel bad for those whose Thanksgiving tables will be empty.” Kimberly Shupe, Jalon Jones’s mother, said that he was shot in the back.

'Bodies Drop,' According to a Walmart Manager Who Kills Six People in a Virginia Attack

He was put on a ventilator and was in good shape and able to talk on Wednesday. Shupe said that a friend told her about the event at a place where families could get back together.

Shupe added, “You can put two and two together if he doesn’t answer his phone or text messages and there’s a shooting at his job.” ” I was surprised, but I kept telling myself, “He’ll be okay.”

Walmart said that it was working with law enforcement and helping its workers and their families. In September 2019, the company decided to stop selling certain types of ammunition and to tell customers not to openly carry guns in stores.

It stopped selling ammunition for pistols and rifles with short barrels, like.223 and 5.56 calibers. In the mid-1990s, the business stopped selling handguns in all states except Alaska. Walmart got out of this business so it could focus on selling hunting rifles and ammunition.

Walmart has a lot of stores out in the country where hunters can buy gear. Tyler’s grandfather, Richard Tate, dropped her off for her 10 p.m. shift, parked, and then went to buy dish soap.

He thought the gunshots were just popping balloons. When he saw other customers and workers leave, he ran. Tate called his granddaughter while he was in his car. He told her, “She was sad.” She was still alive, I knew.

Police say that Tyneka Johnson is now 22 years old. The number of people killed in the shooting in El Paso is 23.

Denise Lavoie in Chesapeake, Michael Kunzelman and Sarah Brumfield in Silver Spring, Matthew Barakat in Falls Church, Hannah Schoenbaum in Raleigh, Anne D’Innocenzio and Alexandra Olson in New York, Rhonda Shafner in New York, and Nathan Ellgren in Chesapeake all helped with this story.