19 Jun, 2024
3 mins read

Tax Payment Alert: IRS Introduces Increased Penalties for Underpaying

The fourth quarter of 2023, which runs from October 1 to December 31, will witness an increase in the interest rates charged on tax underpayments and overpayments, according to the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  This August 25th statement indicates a change that may affect individual taxes and businesses nationwide. For individual taxpayers, the […]

3 mins read

Four States Anticipate September SNAP Payments in the Next Six Days

As the discussion surrounding social welfare programs continues to evolve, a closer look at the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) reveals intriguing variations across states that influence the assistance received by households in need.  While the primary aim of SNAP is to provide crucial food support, the program’s maximum payment amounts vary significantly depending on […]

4 mins read

Taxpayer Assistance: IRS Offers Direction on State Tax Payments

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made important information available regarding the federal tax status of special payments made by 21 states in 2022 to clear up any confusion and ensure proper tax administration.  This announcement is a comfort for taxpayers in several states who were unsure about the reporting obligations for these contributions on […]

3 mins read

Money Back from Medicare: Discover If You Qualify for a Refund on Overpayments

Over five million Americans experience annual Medicare premium increases of hundreds or thousands of dollars for every dollar they earn in extra income; nevertheless, these fees are occasionally refundable. Drew Tignanelli, a CPA and consultant who has won scores of client refunds, claims that many Medicare users are unaware of the following. Understanding Medicare Income […]

2 mins read

Lawsuit Pursues Permanency of Michigan’s Income Tax Cut

A coalition of Republican lawmakers, business groups filed a lawsuit against the Michigan treasurer, Aiming permanent roll back of income tax to 4.05% from 4.25%. Lawsuit challenges Attorney General Dana Nessel’s opinion limiting cut to current year The complaint, filed on Thursday, demands declaratory relief from a judge versus State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks in order […]

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Colorado Residents Set to Receive SNAP Payments: Up to $1,691 in Just Eight Days

For the month of September, Colorado will provide payments for eligible residents with low incomes who are enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program within eight days. In Colorado, the SNAP program distributes payments from September 1 to September 10, with exact payment dates determined by the last digit of a food stamps recipient’s Social […]

2 mins read

Virginia Residents Eligible for $400 Tax Rebate: Check Your Eligibility

Virginia taxpayers may soon receive a one-time tax rebate as part of a long-awaited financial agreement. Gov. Glenn Youngkin recently intimated that Virginia taxpayers might get certain amounts of the funds they paid back in the form of a one-time tax rebate. Initially, Governor Youngkin advocated utilizing the $1 billion surplus to fund further tax […]

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Rolex Seller’s Value Drops by $600 Million Amid Watchmaker’s Retailer Acquisition

The largest retailer of Rolex watches in the United Kingdom lost nearly a third of its value on Friday after the Swiss brand acquired Bucherer AG, making its first major retailing move. Watches of Switzerland Group Plc shares fell as much as 30%, wiping out a market capitalization of nearly £500 million ($629 million). Late […]

2 mins read

Nordstrom Stock Surges on Earnings Beat, Smaller Sales Decline Than Expected 

Late on Thursday, Nordstrom (JWN) posted better-than-expected profits and same-store sales for the second quarter, which caused the stock to rise noticeably by 6%.  The report was released after the market closing. The world’s largest retailer said sales were down 8.3% from last year’s time.  CEO Erik Nordstrom ascribed this reduction to the Anniversary Sale’s […]

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Concerns Loom: 75% of Individuals Aged 50 and Above Fear Depletion of Social Security Funds

People’s judgments concerning retirement benefits may be influenced by unfavorable news about the future of Social Security.  Here are the areas experts advise you to pay attention to instead if you want to make a claim. The first Republican presidential debate mostly avoided talking about Social Security.  But a new study from the Nationwide Retirement […]