24 Sep, 2023
2 mins read

Energy-Efficiency Incentives: New Tax Credits and Rebates from All Year Cooling

All Year Cooling hopes that the introduction of federal tax credits and rebates for energy-efficient air conditioning would encourage more people to make the switch. Now that federal tax credits and rebates are available, upgrading to energy-efficient cooling solutions is more affordable and beneficial for households.  All Year Cooling has a wide selection of devices, […]

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UFO Reality: NASA Chief Hints at China’s Involvement and Unfriendly Advanced Technology

Since the 1950s, unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have caught people’s attention, frequently evoking ideas of extraterrestrial life and cosmic secrets.  NASA specialists encourage a more serious analysis of these puzzling phenomena, even though the idea of alien visitation has long been a popular theory.  Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, the longest-serving associate administrator for the Science Mission […]

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Behind the Scenes: Exclusive Look at ‘The Last of Us’ Show’s Monster Creation

Despite their names not instantly coming to mind, Simon Jung and Dennis Yoo are the minds behind some of the most horrifying beings in television history.  These monsters are brought to life digitally, using visual effects rather than animatronics or prosthetics.  They were tasked with turning the iconic and gory zombie creatures from the well-known […]

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Virgin Galactic Adventure: Student Ana Mayers and Mother’s Epic Voyage into Space

Just two weeks ago, 18-year-old Ana Mayers found herself floating in the realm of zero gravity, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of space.  Her journey is even more remarkable because she shared this once-in-a-lifetime experience with her mother.  The mother-daughter duo, along with former Olympian Jon Goodwin, embarked on Virgin Galactic’s inaugural tourist flight, etching […]

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North Korea Faces Setback in Spy Satellite Launch, Plans Second Attempt

North Korea’s pursuit of a military spy satellite encountered yet another setback as its second attempt to place a spy satellite in orbit failed due to an issue with the rocket booster’s third stage.  The failure comes after a similar unsuccessful launch in May of the Chollima-1 rocket.  The isolated nation’s space authorities remain resolute, […]

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Upcoming SpaceX Launch: Crew-7 Astronauts for NASA Set to Depart on Aug. 25

The boundaries of human exploration are set to expand once again as the SpaceX Crew-7 mission prepares to launch four astronauts from four different countries on a remarkable journey to the International Space Station (ISS).  Scheduled for liftoff on August 25th, this mission represents not only a technological achievement but also a symbol of international […]

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Nvidia Issues New Concerns Regarding Impact of China’s Export Regulations

Nvidia Corp. acknowledged that the U.S. may impose stricter restrictions on the sale of chips to China and warned that such a move would be detrimental to U.S. companies in the long run, echoing a widely held sentiment among the industry’s leading chipmakers. On a conference call with analysts late Wednesday, Nvidia’s chief financial officer, […]

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UK’s Arm Begins US Listing Process After Rejecting London

Arm, a British chip designer, has begun listing its shares on the Nasdaq in New York in one of the largest IPOs in recent years after the London Stock Exchange lost out. The company, owned by the Japanese investor SoftBank, registered to list its shares on the stock market late Monday night, after months of […]

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Microsoft Announces New Acquisition Deal for Call of Duty Game Publisher

In a strategic move to acquire gaming giant Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has put forth a revised deal after its initial $69 billion bid faced rejection from the UK competition watchdog. The tech conglomerate’s UK boss, Brad Smith, expressed confidence in the new offer’s approval, emphasizing its substantial differences. However, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority […]

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Meta Seeks Injunction from Norwegian Court to Suspend Privacy Fine

Meta Platforms (META.O) on Tuesday formally appealed to a Norwegian court to reverse a fine imposed by the nation’s data regulator. The fine was levied against the owner of Facebook and Instagram for breaching user privacy, a case that carries potential ramifications across Europe. Meta Platforms has been fined 1 million crowns ($94,313) daily since […]