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Covid-19 Patients in Jakarta Are Given Food Parcels by the Jakarta Social Office| Viral News!

Covid-19 Patients in Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia (ANTARA) – More than 100,000 food packages have been delivered by the Jakarta Social Office to COVID-19 patients who are being housed at their homes or in government institutions.

The food supplies were delivered to isolation centres, according to Ahmad Taufik, the chief of the Social Security Section of the Jakarta Social Office, who spoke to reporters here on Monday.

According to him, “Graha Wisata TMII, Adhiyaksa Hospital, Ciks Mansion, and Hasyim Ashari Grand Mosque are among the isolation institutions that have received a large number of patients.”

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“The items were delivered to persons who were self-isolating at home, specifically patients registered with the Jakarta provincial administration,” he said, adding that they were dispersed in 85 villages.

Covid-19 Patients in Jakarta Are Given Food Parcels by the Jakarta Social Office.

Village officials were in charge of distributing the kits after initially registering (the patients) through Google forms, according to the official.

“As of today, 102,597 packages have been distributed,” he said.

It was also revealed that the packages contain 20 kg of rice, one box of instant noodles, two litres of cooking oil, seven cans of tinned salmon, and one can of biscuits, among other things.

In each hamlet, he added, “the allocations are done in accordance with the information that was submitted on the Google form.”

According to a separate report, Premi Lestari, director of the Jakarta Social Office,

has stated that the office will continue to offer social support of Rp300 thousand in cash on a monthly basis to children whose parents or guardians have died as a result of COVID-19.

The Jakarta province administration has announced that it will provide social help to COVID-19 patients who are experiencing self-isolation,

according to Ahmad Riza Patria, the city’s deputy governor.

In related news, the COVID-19 hospital bed occupancy rate in Jakarta has decreased to 59 per cent.

Aside from that, the deputy governor announced that the government will reopen soup kitchens in order to address the nutritional demands of COVID-19 patients while they are in isolation.

As for the management of COVID-19, he stated that the Jakarta province administration will restart the special call centre dedicated to COVID-19 services.

He also stated that the COVID-19 task squads in neighbourhoods will be revived in order to monitor residents’ mobility and prevent crowds.

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