Do Unused SNAP Benefits Carry Over From One Month to the Next?

For low-income families and individuals, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payments, or food stamps as they are more popularly referred to, are monthly cash benefits.

SNAP is a federally sponsored program, although each state administers and delegated its own regulations and standards to the federal government. State-specific application and approval processes are most commonly completed online.

Do Unused Snap Benefits Carry Over From One Month to the Next?

Electronic Benefit Cards, or EBT cards, are used to disburse the benefits. These cards go by several names depending on the state, but the most common is EBT or food stamps card. Food purchases can be made at any participating grocer or vendor using these cards, which are prepaid debit cards.

Farmers’ markets in several places, including Alaska, allow the use of EBT cards, and in Alaska, EBT cards may even be used to purchase fishing gear so that you can catch your own meals.

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A specified date is chosen by each month’s state administrator to load benefits into EBT cards. You will receive money on the 1st of each month, for example, if your state has established that everyone with a case number ending in 1 would receive payments on that day.

The US Department of Agriculture said that any EBT beneficiaries who have money left on their cards at the end of the month will be able to carry that money over to the next month. For those who don’t use up all of their benefits in one month, they can be carried over to the following month or saved for a rainy day.