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Does Safeway Take Electronic Benefit Transfers and Snap Payments?

Does Safeway Take Electronic Benefit Transfers and Snap Payments?

The American supermarket business Safeway has over 900 sites around the country, each of which carries a comprehensive selection of food, general merchandise, and grocery items, in addition to a wide range of specialized departments.

EBT cards issued to recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can be used for payment in-store, online, and even for grocery pickups at most locations.

SNAP EBT cards are only able to be used to buy food products for the home, as well as seeds and plants that will eventually generate food for the household to eat.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) funds cannot be used to buy ready-to-eat or hot foods, nonfood items, alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, vitamins, prescriptions, or other dietary supplements.

Sign in to your online Safeway account, choose the location of the store you wish to pick up or have your groceries delivered from, and begin shopping for the necessities.

You can also conduct a search for stores that accept SNAP EBT by heading to “All Safeway Locations,” entering your ZIP code, selecting “Additional Services,” and then choosing “SNAP EBT Online.”

Pickup or delivery can be selected throughout the checkout process, depending on your preference. Pickup for DriveUp & Go requires that you choose a day and time for pickup, as well as confirm the location of the pickup.

If you are having products shipped, you will be asked for your delivery address, as well as the day and time range that you want for the delivery.

Please enter your EBT information in addition to a second payment type for any items that are not eligible for SNAP and any delivery fees.

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In the majority of states, EBT cash can be used to purchase virtually anything, including payment toward delivery fees; however, you should check with your state government to determine whether or not there are any eligibility limits.

At this time, the Safeway app does not support accepting payments made with SNAP EBT cards. It is necessary to use either the desktop or mobile website in order to place new orders or make changes to existing orders.

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