Ebt Snap Payments Are Being Added to E-commerce Offers by More Independent Grocers!

The acceptance of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payments for online grocery purchases is increasing, with independent retailers increasingly collaborating with e-commerce solutions providers to offer the service to their customers receiving USDA benefits.

In 2019, Hitchcock’s Markets, a 12-store supermarket chain with locations across Florida, began enabling online ordering through a partnership with the e-commerce platform grocery.

During the pandemic, the company, like most other grocery shops, saw a major spike in demand for online groceries, and while most shoppers were able to make use of the new technology,

a sector of the population was unable to since they relied on the SNAP program. Hitchcock’s may now take EBT SNAP payments online thanks to a partnership with grocery.

“We need to accept EBT SNAP payments online so that all of our clients can take advantage of our free delivery and in-store pickup services,” said Giselle Alvarez, vice president of operations for Hitchcock’s Markets in Alachua, Fla.

“Many customers rely on SNAP to buy groceries and other necessities. We’re thrilled that, because of our cooperation with grocery, all Hitchcock’s customers may now order groceries online.”

Hitchcock’s Markets continues to witness month-over-month growth in e-commerce volume, and Alvarez anticipates that this trend will continue with the inclusion of the EBT SNAP payment option.

Ebt Snap Payments Are Being Added to E-commerce Offers by More Independent Grocers!

“grocery is helping us grow our digital business and build client loyalty by introducing SNAP,” she explained.

“Every consumer should be able to place an online order for pickup or delivery in the store.” Accepting SNAP benefits for digital orders will assist our retail partners in providing all of their customers with the convenience they deserve “eGrowcery’s CEO, Patrick Hughes, stated.

Dash’s Market, an independently owned grocery chain with four locations in and around Buffalo, New York, began taking SNAP EBT payments from clients who purchase online at Dash’s Market last week.

“We must provide our customers with options when it comes to their online purchasing experience,” said Alexa Dash, the retailer’s director of e-commerce.

“The ability to offer SNAP online eliminates financial barriers for families in our community, allowing everyone to have access to healthy, high-quality food.”

Dash’s Market has partnered with Rosie, an e-commerce platform, to allow retailers to accept SNAP online payments from EBT recipients.

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With the recent expansion of the SNAP program to online platforms by the US Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), this feature will allow recipients to take advantage of SNAP EBT payments at their local grocery stores.

“Locally owned and managed food stores like Dash’s Market can now compete with huge national chains while retaining direct contact with its online clients who use SNAP/EBT benefits,” said Dave Makar, Rosie’s chief customer officer.

“In the continual problem of expanding food access to those in need, this new payment mechanism presents an opportunity.”

“We’ve seen tremendous interest in SNAP online payments from independent retailers who understand that this new software tool delivers a direct benefit to their communities,” he continued.

We’re excited to work with USDA to reach millions of SNAP recipients across the country.”

Following Davis Food & Drug in Utah, Dash’s Market is Rosie’s second independent retailer partner to accept SNAP payments online.