Even in Blue States, Joe Biden’s Ratings Are Terrible—Polls| Latest News!

Polls show that President Joe Biden’s support ratings have remained stubbornly low, especially in Democratic strongholds such as Recent York and California, according to new findings.

According to a report issued on Tuesday by the Siena College Research Institute, a majority of New York state residents do not think the president is doing an “excellent” job in his current position.

Among those who answered the poll, only 25 per cent believed Biden’s job performance was “excellent,” while 38 per cent said it was “bad.”

Since August 30, the commander-in-national chief’s approval rating has been in the negative region, and multiple recent polls indicate that the situation is unlikely to improve quickly as the United States prepares to hold key midterm elections.

When Siena College, headquartered in Loudonville, New York, asked respondents to grade President Biden’s performance, 11 per cent said he was doing an “outstanding” job, according to the results.

Another quarter said Biden was doing a “reasonable” job, with only one per cent saying they didn’t know or didn’t have an opinion on the matter.

According to the poll, which was conducted between February 14 and February 17 among 803 registered voters in the state of New York, the total margin of error was +/-3.9 per cent.

The poll also questioned respondents if they had a good or unfavourable impression of Vice President Joe Biden, and the results showed an even split, with 48 per cent saying they had a favourable opinion and 48 per cent saying they had an unfavourable opinion.

The negative percentage, on the other hand, is the highest recorded in Siena College’s monthly survey since the president took office last year, according to the results.

According to a survey conducted in January, 52 per cent of inhabitants of New York state had a good opinion of Biden, while 42 per cent had an unfavourable opinion.

Joe Biden's Ratings

Even in Blue States, Joe Biden’s Ratings Are Terrible—Polls

New York has always been considered a deeply blue state, and Biden won the state in 2020 with 60.9 per cent of the vote, compared to Donald Trump’s 37.7 per cent in the previous election.

Since 1984, no Republican presidential candidate has been able to win the state of New York.

In California, a poll published on February 16 by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies indicated that 48 per cent of people disapprove of Biden’s performance,

while 47 per cent like the job he is doing. Biden won California with 63.5 per cent in 2020, according to the study.

The poll, conducted by the University of California, Berkeley, was conducted from February 3 to February 10 among 8,937 California registered voters, with an estimated margin of error of +/-2 per cent.

In the same poll conducted in July 2021, Biden received 59 per cent favour in California, compared to 37 per cent disapproval. Since 1988, the state has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate in the presidential election.

However, despite the fact that the allocation of Electoral College votes will change for the 2024 election depending on the results of the 2020 census, the reliably blue states with the most Electoral College votes continue to be New York and California.

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At the next presidential election, California will have 54 electoral votes up for grabs, while New York will have 28 votes up for grabs.

FiveThirtyEight, a polling company, tracks Biden’s approval rating based on a vast number of surveys as well as its own way of pollster rating.

On February 22, it gave the president a 42.3 per cent approval rating, while the disapproval rate was 52.9 per cent, according to the poll.

All of these ratings could be important in November’s midterm elections when Republicans want to retake control of the House of Representatives and the Senate from Democrats.

Democrat Joe Biden’s track record will be a crucial component in Republican campaigns, and if the party wins control of one or both chambers of Congress, it will be able to impede President Barack Obama’s programme for the next two years.