Gas Card Application Deadline: Today Is the Last Day to Apply for a $150 Gas Card!

Pre-paid gas cards and transit cards have been made available to low-income residents in the city of Chicago, in the United States, in order to assist them in coping with the growing cost of gasoline and other transportation costs.

The Chicago Moves initiative will distribute 50,000 free gas cards, each of which is worth $150 dollars, and 100,000 free pre-paid transit cards, each of which is worth $50 dollars, as part of its outreach to the city’s citizens.

In spite of the fact that the Chicago City Council rejected Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s first plan, she was able to secure approval for the scheme for the second time asking, resulting in a $12.5 million dollar initiative that will bring transit relief to many residents of the city.

Gas Card Application Deadline Today Is the Last Day to Apply for a $150 Gas Card

Customers will be able to utilize the gas cards at stations located within the City of Chicago, while those who qualify for the transit cards will be able to do so at vending machines located in CTA stations, Ventra retail locations, or digitally on the Ventra website or mobile app, among other places.

75 percent of the cards will be distributed to low-income neighborhoods, with the remaining 25 percent distributed throughout the remainder of the municipality.

In order to participate in the Chicago Moves initiative, applicants must submit an application by April 27. Those who are selected through a lottery process will receive their cards between May and September.

The deadline for the Chicago Moves program, as well as how to apply

More Updates:

Applicants must submit their applications by the deadlines of May 3, June 3, July 3, August 3, and September 3, respectively, in order to be eligible for the gas card lottery. The lottery will take place in the second week of May, June, July, August, and September.

The deadline for the transportation cards, on the other hand, is June 3, so act quickly.