In a Long-ago Health Crisis, Jill Biden Kicked Out a Priest Who Was Ready With Last Rites From Joe’s Hospital Room!

Dr. Jill Biden’s new book describes the decades-old health crisis that almost killed her husband, then-Delaware Senator Joe Biden, and made her feel like a true member of the Biden family.

Jill Pace and Darlene Superville of the Associated Press write in Jill: A Biography of the First Lady, slated to be released on Tuesday, that “Jill knew Joe had been disregarding his health for months” in 1988.

Sen. Biden, then 45, kept a bottle of Tylenol with him at all times, taking up to 10 a day for his constant headaches.

At the Senate gym, he was lifting weights “He had a strong discomfort in his neck that worsened throughout the night. His knees were heavy and his right side was numb “the authors compose

To avoid alarming his wife, the future president claimed he had strained a muscle and continued working at a high level until he fell in a hotel room on February 12 after a long day.

The next day, he felt sick and had problems carrying his briefcase, but he still wanted to sleep it off, according to the authors.

His wife was eventually informed that her husband was sick after an aide urged he see a doctor.
According to the book, Dr. Biden said, “His complexion was just — he was grey.”

The senator was hospitalized in Wilmington for tests, while his wife made arrangements to inform his children about their father’s condition.

A nurse ordered Dr. Biden not to enter his room as she approached it at the hospital because a priest was offering his last rites inside.

“What? According to her new biography, she shouted, “He’s not going to die,” before storming into the room and commanding the priest, “Get out!” Get out of here!… My husband will not perish.”

Jill Biden Kicked Out a Priest

She earlier said in her memoir, “I yell so rarely that the sound of my voice astonished me almost as much as the priest.”

A test revealed blood in Sen. Biden’s spinal fluid, indicating that he had suffered an aneurysm and would require rapid surgery to survive.

He was entitled to treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. as a member of Congress,

but flying was out due to the patient’s safety concerns. Despite the weather, the decision was taken to transport him in an ambulance 100 miles from Delaware.

As her spouse was being prepped to be evacuated, Dr. Biden said, “Well, you’ve really destroyed Valentine’s Day.”

When they arrived at Walter Reed, his brother Jimmy decided to postpone the surgery until another doctor could arrive.

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“Jill sat almost in a trance, watching their dispute,” the writers wrote, as members of the Biden family debated whether to wait or go on.

They write, “Wait a minute, this is my husband,” she finally says. “I’m the one who makes the decisions.”

After a brief pause, Jean Biden, Sen. Biden’s mother, added, “She is correct. It is her decision, not yours, to make.”

Later, the future first lady wrote, “I had the distinct impression that I was a Biden at the time. And I had a place at that table, making decisions that would have an impact on all of us.”

Senator Joe Biden was then prepared for his surgery.

The writers state, “They wheeled him in for an operation.” “Until they got to the operating room door, Jill clutched his hand.”