In a Meandering Address, Donald Trump Jr. Ended CPAC by Saying, “Crack Isn’t Really My Thing.”

“Crack cocaine is not [his] thing,” a New York real estate entrepreneur who faces criminal tax fraud accusations told a group of right activists at the close of the four-day American Conservative Union conference. He blamed the press for covering up the Biden administration’s purported “failures.”

In a meandering address made from the platform his father, former President Donald Trump, had taken the night before, Donald Trump Jr added, “Crack’s not really my thing, but it would be wonderful if I were on that [Democratic] side.”

Mr Trump, who is currently an executive vice president at his father’s real estate firm, referred to a rumour circulated in right-wing media earlier this month about a Biden administration programme that provides federal grants to groups that distribute “harm reduction kits” to drug users in an effort to reduce the record number of overdose deaths in the United States.

As a Department of Health and Human Services official put it, the Biden administration “has not and would not permit the use of government financing for smoke pipes,” but Trump riffed on the concept anyhow.

In a Meandering Address, Donald Trump Jr. Ended Cpac by Saying, "Crack Isn't Really My Thing."

President Joe Biden’s successor, Donald Trump’s eldest son, also claimed that Biden could have placed EU sanctions on Russia “a year ago” despite the American president lacking any jurisdiction over the EU’s sanctions programme, according to Mr Trump.

“You can see that you’re placing sanctions that Joe Biden could have easily done a year ago… could have done the right thing and genuinely led,” he added before blaming Mr Biden — who has spent recent weeks pulling the US, Nato and the EU together to slap unprecedented sanctions on Russian institutions and on Russian president Vladimir Putin — of “sleeping” through the crisis produced by Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

We don’t know for sure, but we all know that Joe Biden was asleep while Europe was leading and we say that without assurance, but we all know.”

You can see the White House in this—I was like, “Really?” I’m not sure what they did, but it doesn’t appear that they did. But, folks, that’s the situation we find ourselves in… The storey and the music are changed daily to comfort failure after failure,” he lamented.

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Fake news is wonderful because the American people are now aware of it, he added, before repeating yet another unsubstantiated conspiracy theory, this time alleging that Hillary Clinton, the 2016 opponent of his father’s father’s, utilised government contractors to spy on him.

To get “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, the ex-son president’s arranged a meeting between officials of his father’s 2016 campaign and a lawyer with connections to Russian intelligence. On Saturday, he claimed it was Hillary who had “colluded” with the Kremlin.

Aside from calling Biden and “the folks in charge of Nato nations” “idiots,” President Trump also accused the media of “trying to drag us into another war” by reporting on the Ukraine conflict.