In Texas, Emergency Snap Benefits Have Been Extended for the Month of April!

SNAP, the government’s emergency assistance program, provided assistance to millions of families during the pandemic.

The program has been extended in Texas, allowing residents in Webb County to breathe a sigh of relief while the program is being phased out in other parts of the country.

Elvia Salinas is a grandmother whose daughter is a recipient of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Because of the emergency assistance, her daughter now has enough food to prepare a meal for her family.

“She benefits from all of that because she is able to feed all of her children, and it is really helping her because she is able to cook with all of those meals, and it helps a great deal,” Salinas says.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic began, the Snap Emergency Assistance Program has provided assistance to more than a million Texas households.

Those who apply for it will receive a minimum of 95 dollars in additional funds.

In Texas, Emergency Snap Benefits

Governor Greg Abbott said on Friday that the program will be extended through the month of April, as previously promised.

In total, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission will contribute more than $300 million to the initiative.
This comes at an opportune moment, as many of those we contacted have reported seeing food prices rise at grocery stores.

The price increases have had an impact on Maria and Ruben Ledezma’s lives, as well.

The couple who receives emergency assistance expresses gratitude for the extension and claims that many others rely on it as well.

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They both agree that it would be better if the program were to continue indefinitely.

“Why are they only doing this in April?” Maria wonders aloud. They should leave it if they are going to place something excellent there for us because there is a lot of poverty there.”

Millions of people across the state, including many in Laredo, will benefit from the additional assistance, just as Salinas and the Ledezmas did.

In the hopes of having enough food on their plates, especially during these difficult economic times.