In the Hollywood Hills of California, a Social Media Influencer Was Robbed of What is Thought to Be $1 Million

The Los Angeles Police Department says that a social media influencer in Hollywood Hills, California, was robbed of $1 million at night.

Fox LA says that at 3 a.m. on Wednesday, police were called to a home that was likely being used as an Airbnb by social media star Nour Atta.

Nour Atta, who has over 271,000 Instagram followers and goes by the handle @nourtrades, told the LAPD that at least two people in ski masks came into the house and started yelling at them.

“I didn’t hear much besides people shouting. A lot of “get up, get up” this, “get up, get up” that. I’m sure a lot of people know who I am online because it’s so easy to find me. The same thing is happening here, especially in Los Angeles “Atta said to FOX Los Angeles.

Atta says that one of the suspects pointed a gun at him. According to the claim, the assailant later attacked Atta physically, causing him to get head injuries.

During their raid, the defendants allegedly trashed a $1 million home, according to the LAPD. Atta says that he didn’t lock the back door, so the attackers were able to get into the multimillion-dollar mansion.

The police are still looking into the crime and want anyone who knows anything to come forward.

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