Inflation and Rising Gas Prices Are Causing Many People to Make Difficult Purchasing Decisions!

The current average cost of fuel in Pennsylvania is $4.35 per gallon, according to AAA. It’s up to $1.29 from a year ago.

“It’s an unhappy perfect storm: rising crude oil prices, the move to summer mixed gasoline, and seasonal demand,” AAA spokesperson Jana Tidwell said.

Aaliyah McCullough is one of the people that have to make budget cuts.

“You’re talking about tens of thousands of people being driven out right here in Philadelphia,” ACHIEVEability executive director Jamila Harris-Morrison said.

“You have to make up for the prices elsewhere,” said McCullough of South Philadelphia, “whether it’s groceries, a night out at the movies with the family, or doing family-related stuff on the weekends.”

“We have a shore property as well, and we have to be selective about when we go and which automobile we use. So, yes, it has an impact on us “Bala Cynwyd’s Archie Cirio said so.

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On Monday night, some drivers in West Philadelphia took advantage of a nice deal: gas was selling for $3.81 per gallon near a station at 46th and Walnut streets.

“It was the same price when it dropped down this morning. Since then, it’s been packed “Kim Purnell, of West Philadelphia, agreed.

According to AAA, the future prediction is uncertain but not promising.

“The price of crude oil and what’s going on with the Russian invasion of Ukraine will be the most important factors heading into the summer months,” Tidwell said.

Despite rising gas prices, 35% of Pennsylvanians say they want to travel more this year, according to AAA.