March 2022: Can My Grandchild Get Social Security? | Latest News!

Dependent or survivor payments for a grandchild may be paid by Social Security if the child’s parents have died or become incapacitated, and if the kid has been placed in your care by law.

As explained by the AARP, if you haven’t applied for benefits yet, you must demonstrate that your grandchild began living with you before turning 18 and that you provided at least half of their financial support for at least one year prior to the month in which you became eligible for Social Security retirement or disability benefits.

If the child is less than a year old, you must demonstrate that you provided half of their financial support from the time of their birth to the present.

The parents, if they are still alive, cannot be expected to make regular financial contributions to their children’s maintenance.

The AARP continued by saying that if you were already receiving Social Security benefits when you began caring for your grandchild,

you must adopt the child in order for him or her to be able to claim benefits based on your earnings history.

Social Security

For additional information on what papers you may need to send to Social Security to confirm your grandchild’s eligibility for benefits on your record,

you can contact the agency through your online account, by phone at 800-772-1213, or by visiting your local Social Security office. The “Kids and Families” section of the Social Security website has information on benefits for children and grandkids.

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Because of the epidemic, Social Security offices are now closed to walk-in visitors; however, according to AARP, you may be able to make an in-person appointment for a crucial issue if you call ahead of time.

For nearly two years, practically all public services have been provided solely online, by phone, or through the mail since the outbreak began.

The reopening of Social Security offices is scheduled for March 30.

According to The New York Times, the Social Security Administration and labor organizations representing the agency’s employees have reached an agreement to reopen more than 1,200 offices.