Maryland Residents Lost Over $1 Million in Snap and Financial Aid

By October 31, families in Maryland said they had lost nearly $1 million in federal aid benefits. Since last year, the number of thefts has gone up by a lot. In 2021, the Maryland DHS said that $92,000 was stolen.

Card skimming and phishing are what the USDA says is to blame for these thefts. The Maryland Department of Human Services says that thieves put a device on a card-swiping machine at a store to copy the information on EBT cards. Skimming can happen to anyone who has a credit, debit, EBT, or SNAP card.

People say that their money is stolen in the middle of the night after they get their monthly allowances. A mother of four named Katherine Abanda-Sein had $790 taken from her after she logged in to check her food stamp balance.

The day after Courtney Obee got her benefits, they were taken out of an ATM in Miami at 2 a.m. “Florida? Erika Johnson lost $1,500 because someone used her SNAP and TCA cards without her permission at a BJ’s Wholesale Club and a Target in Tampa.

Newsmax-2 Over 100 people from Maryland have written to Mallory Sofastaii to say that their federal payments have been taken away in the past few months. They tell Maryland DHS about the fraud, but the state won’t give them back their benefits.

Obee: “They say it’s being paid for by the government, so they can’t help.” California and Washington, D.C., are still giving victims money. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger noticed that people didn’t act the same way and that people were being hurt less.

On Monday, Ruppersberger told Sofastaii, “Because of you, we looked into it.” Ruppersberger put forward a bill on Wednesday to replace SNAP benefits that have been stolen.

“No. In the U.S., that’s not right. Ruppersberger said, “We have a way to deal with it without spending money, and we hope this law passes.” The money is already there for theft reimbursements. This kind of theft is covered by the bill.

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Don’t make things hard, you idiot! Basic bill. It’s just an attempt to help people who lose money to fraud, and Ruppersberger said there should be a way to do that.

It doesn’t apply to the past and doesn’t cover TCA benefits. Sofastaii asked if Moore will pay back people who were scammed in a different way than Hogan.

Are you willing to help these families? Moore asked Sofastaii. We have to work with the government.” Moore said that we can’t make these families suffer for things they didn’t do.

“The head of DHS won’t meet with us to talk about this. Will you support an open government where the heads of state agencies can talk to the press? sofastaii

“Absolutely. Moore promised that his government would be open and include everyone. Ruppersberger wants the bill to pass before Christmas. His staff is also looking into the laws about TCA reimbursement.

State Senator Katie Fry Hester is writing a bill for the 2023 session that will tell DHS to return stolen benefits, set up a better way to help people who have been scammed and make security requirements for vendors and law enforcement more strict.

If you are a victim, talk to the people in charge in your area. Here’s more about them. Enter your address under “Lookup” to send an email to all checked lawmakers.