New York Food Stamps 24th November 2022 Update: Benefits and EBT Discounts

Governor Kathy Hochul declared that food stamp recipients in New York State will get the maximum amount for November.

The additional benefits will be given by an additional $234 million in government cash.

SNAP provides food assistance to low-income workers, older adults, and the disabled. SNAP benefits are deposited every month statewide in New York, beginning in November 2022.

The Department of Social Services Human Resources Administration administers SNAP benefits in New York City, and the New York Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance administers SNAP benefits in the rest of the state.

Because SNAP benefits are administered by two different agencies, New York has two SNAP schedules. Your SNAP schedule is determined by where you live.

Benefits are sent out monthly to SNAP accounts connected to EBT cards, which can be used to buy most groceries, select retail establishments, and farmers’ markets. Fresh produce and groceries can also be purchased online at participating retailers.

To determine your SNAP eligibility outside of New York City, you must apply for benefits. You can apply for New York SNAP online at, or you can print the SNAP application and send or fax it to your local department of social services.

If you live in New York City, you can apply online at ACCESS HRA. You can also get an application at your local SNAP office or call the NYC Infoline at 718-557-1399 to have one mailed to you.

There are more ways to save money with your EBT card in New York. SNAP participants can take advantage of the following discounts or free services:

Amazon Prime: SNAP participants in New York can sign up for an Amazon Prime EBT Discount for $6.99 per month, or 50% off the standard price.

Computers/internet/cell phones: The federal Lifeline program can help you save up to $9.25 on your mobile phone bill or home broadband internet subscription. Check with your cell phone or internet service provider to see if they provide this deal.

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The Affordable Connectivity Program also provides SNAP beneficiaries and other qualifying customers with unlimited data, texts, and minutes, as well as a free Android phone and 10GB of mobile hotspot data.

Museums/zoos/aquariums: The Museums for All initiative provides EBT cards with free or reduced entry to hundreds of museums, aquariums, and zoos throughout New York (as well as nationwide).

Look online for discounts or free services offered to SNAP recipients in New York for more information.

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Beginning Oct. 1, the recent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increased SNAP EBT benefits by 12.5%. This boost is meant to aid this year’s skyrocketing inflation rate, which is at its highest in more than four decades.

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Outside of New York City, benefits are distributed within the first nine days of each month depending on the last digit of your case number.

The following is the November 2022 payment schedule for New York State, excluding New York City’s five boroughs:

Case number ending in: Deposit date:
0 or 1 Nov. 1st
2 Nov. 2nd
3 Nov. 3rd
4 Nov. 4th
5 Nov. 5th
6 Nov. 6th
7 Nov. 7th
8 Nov. 8th
9 Nov. 9th

Benefits are distributed in New York City during the first two weeks of each month, excluding Sundays and holidays.

The specific dates vary from month to month, but the city’s SNAP agency provides a six-month schedule that includes the exact dates for each month. Call (888) 328-6399 to verify your current schedule. You must enter your 19-digit card number.

The following is the November 2022 SNAP schedule for New York City:

Toe number: Payment date:
0 Nov. 1st
1 Nov. 2nd
2 Nov. 3rd
3 Nov. 4th
4 Nov. 7th
5 Nov. 9th
6 Nov. 10th
7 Nov. 12th
8 Nov. 14th
9 Nov. 15th

People living in counties outside of New York City should expect to get their additional benefits by Wednesday, November 23. Those living in New York City’s five boroughs should expect theirs by Monday, November 28.