Ohio Supreme Court Rules Against Republicans’ Revised Legislative Maps. Viral Updates!

The Ohio Supreme Court has rejected a new set of Republican-drawn legislative district maps for the second time, ruling that they violate the state’s anti-partisan gerrymandering statutes.

The new state House and Senate maps produced by the Republican-dominated Ohio Redistricting Commission were already invalidated by the court earlier this month.

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They were found to violate an Ohio constitutional provision intended at preventing gerrymandering by requiring district maps to closely correspond to the political makeup of Ohio voters, which was violated by the proposals.

The court will “invalidate the revised plan.”

In a 4-3 decision on Monday, the court decided to “invalidate the amended plan in its entirety” for the same reasons, backing with the League of Women Voters of Ohio’s lawsuit and ordering the commission to draw new maps that are consistent with the state constitution.

According to Republican Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor and three Democratic justices, the modified maps should be rejected in their entirety.

To Spectrum News 1, Jen Miller, executive director of the League of Women Voters of Ohio, said, “Once again, this is a victory for Ohio voters.” “It is not difficult to create maps that keep communities together and provide assistance to everyday Ohioans.

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled against the Republicans’ revised legislative maps in the state of Ohio.

Follow Your Heart and Do What Is Right For The People

All that is required of them is to set their political affiliations aside and do what is right for the people of Ohio while sticking to the state constitution.”

District layouts must “correspond closely” to the political mix of general election results during the previous 10 years, according to the state constitution’s Article XI, Section 6, which was overwhelmingly approved by voters in a constitutional amendment in 2015.

In the latest recent figures, Republicans outnumber Democrats in the state by a ratio of 56 to 44 percent, according to state officials.

Ohio Supreme Court

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Against Republicans’ Revised Legislative Maps

Republicans Refuse to Be Divided Along Party Lines

According to the decision handed down on Monday, the Republican map drawers “refused to deliberately work at a 54 to 46 percent partisan share throughout the process” throughout the process.

“There is no attempt made in the updated plan to closely meet the constitutionally prescribed ratio,” says the author. “The only thing we ask of the Commission is that it adhere to the provisions of the Constitution.”

Four members of the Supreme Court have taken control of the redistricting process and will continue to reject any General Assembly-drawn plan until they receive the plan they desire, wrote Republican Justices Sharon Kennedy and Patrick DeWine, the son of Republican Governor Mike DeWine, in a joint statement.

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What the Supreme Court Judges Have to Say

“It would be more straightforward if the commission just provided the majority with the map-drawing programme, Maptitude, so that they could draw the map themselves,” the justices stated.

In this case, one must determine whether the constitutionally appointed officers or this court is the true redistricting commission.

What the Republicans wished to see happen

According to the proposed maps, Republicans would have held a 57-to-42 seat majority in the state House and a 20-to-13 seat majority in the state Senate, respectively.

The first maps, which were rejected, would have given the Republicans a 62-37 advantage in the House of Representatives and a 23-to-10 advantage in the Senate of seats.

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled against the Republicans’ revised legislative maps in the state of Ohio.
Extra copies of the designs must be submitted to the court by February 18 at 9 a.m.,

and the redistricting panel has until February 17 to present the third set of maps to Republican Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who is also a Republican.

Statement from the Minority Leader of the Ohio Senate

According to Ohio Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko (D), “Ohioans spoke loud and clear in 2015 when they decisively adopted legislation to outlaw gerrymandering.” Yuko was speaking in a statement.

According to the Supreme Court, “Ignoring those changes and providing one political party an unfair legislative advantage is not an option,” as it has stated twice in the past year.

Ohioans want fair state legislative maps, and it is past time for our Republican colleagues to listen and work with us to achieve this goal, Yuko said.

“We are willing to engage in good faith in order to develop equal districts for all Ohioans,” said the organization.

Democrats’ Reaction to the Situation

According to Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters, “the third time’s a charm” when it comes to appeals of court decisions. According to Walters, the new plan represents another another Republican effort to “gerrymander our state and disenfranchise Ohio voters.”

In a statement, Walters said, “The Ohio Supreme Court rejected Republican efforts to gerrymander our state and disenfranchise Ohio voters once more.”

In its unanimous ruling, the Ohio Supreme Court declared unambiguously that Republicans must develop fair maps that accurately reflect our state, rather than maps that reflect the political agenda of the Ohio Republican Party.

In her words, “Republicans have been dragging their feet on this process for far too long; it’s past time for them to perform their duties and provide Ohioans with what they deserve:

fair representation in state government and a state government that reflects Ohio voters’ aspirations, not the wishes of extremist Republicans and special interests.”

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