On the Scheduled Launch Date, Trump’s Truth Social App Failed and Users Encountered Several Errors!

Former President Donald Trump’s new social media network, Truth Social, crashed and burned on launch day owing to a series of technological difficulties.

On Sunday evening, Trump’s Twitter-like social media network launched on Apple’s App Store. However, many users who downloaded the software were unable to establish accounts, with an error message advising them to try again later.

Even after successfully creating an account, some users were unable to access the app and were added to a queue of over 160,000 persons.

“Due to high demand, we have added you to our waitlist,” read a red error message.

Trump's Truth Social App Failed

On Monday morning, the makers of Trump’s Truth Social published a website status notice that read: “Due to the enormous demand at launch, we are now rate-limiting new user onboarding.” We are striving to boost onboarding enrollment capacity and will update this status when capacity rises.”

Trump’s new social media site may possibly run afoul of the law when Twitter users noted similarities between the Truth Social logo and that of Trailer, a United Kingdom-based trucking analytics firm. According to The Daily Beast, Matthew Summers, the company’s head of marketing, stated they are now examining legal alternatives to preserve their brand.

When the application will be fully operating is unknown. Devin Nunes, president, and CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group and a former Republican congressman stated that they plan to have the new app fully operational in the United States by the end of March.

“Our aim is, I believe, to be completely operational by the end of March, at the very least within the United States,” Nunes said.

Trump originally declared plans to develop his own social media app in October 2021, following his suspension from multiple platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, for his involvement in encouraging the tragic rebellion on Jan. 6, 2021, at the United States Capitol.

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Truth Social is positioned as a “big tent” social media network that encourages users to engage in “open and candid global dialogue without regard for political affiliation.”