Smart Move on the Pool

Due to the Park Board’s heroic effort the Cameron pool made it through this past summer. Several efforts over the years were unable to plug the leak … and this year an estimated 6 million gallons were lost. To put that in perspective, our huge water towers hold 500,000 gallons … so 12 of them! Luckily, we had a wet summer and the reservoirs are full.

The 38-year-old pool was deteriorating fast. One time a three-foot concrete chunk fell out. All that underscores the voters’ wisdom in deciding to build a new pool. 

An extremely ambitious target date for the new construction completion is next July. The present building will be saved but undergo a significant upgrading.

Familiar names on that Park Board back in 1982: Dick Kessler, Craig Watkins, Janie Adamson, Steve Eder, Paul Morriss, Susan Davis, Pat Gray, Marge McDonald, Mike Poland, and Randall Relford.

 - Imagine, if you will, a country where 1% control almost all the wealth and power … and the other 99% are so brainwashed they fight to keep it that way.

- A surge in home renovations and do-it-yourself projects during the pandemic has driven lumber prices up 134% year over year. This adds about $14,000 to the cost of building a new home, according to the National Association of Home Builders.    

- Across 14 countries with advanced economies, most citizens approve of the way their country is handling the corona virus. The exceptions are the U.S. and United Kingdom.

Denmark and Australia have the highest approval ratings (95% and 94%). While in the U.S. it is 47%.

Nearly all have national plans, but President Trump turned the response over to the governors. We have heard nothing from Gov. Parsons in weeks.

- Our world is not divided by race, color, gender, or religion. Our world is divided into wise people and fools. … and fools divide themselves race, color, gender, or religion - Nelson Mandela 

- Our 49-degree low on Sept. 9th made it 119 days since we last touched that temperature on May 13th.

- It takes a village to raise a child…. But a distillery to home school one.

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