Reasons Why Leaders Who Made a Blunder With Covid Must Admit Their Mistake and Apologise|

Americans must first demand apologies as COVID limitations end around the country and Democratic leaders pretend that something has changed in science rather than their poll figures.

Let me even go first. I spent most of 2020 and 2021 lobbying for the opening of schools around the country. But in March 2020, I was leading the charge to close schools.

My husband had quit his job due to an unknown new infection, but my kids kept going to school. I was terrified as I saw many deaths in Italy.

I had no idea that “two weeks to prevent the spread” would turn into two years of paused childhood for hypochondriac grownups.

I erred. Sorry.

Now go.

For the entire 2020-2021 school year, school districts closed because American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten urged them to. Those in charge, whether school boards, mayors, or governors, must be held accountable.

COVID-19 education policies are largely the work of AFT President Randi Weingarten.

It wasn’t the teachers’ unions, it was you. You failed in your responsibility. Apologize.

You couldn’t have done it without our politicized health agencies’ help. You, CDC’s Rochelle Walensky, let Weingarten develop ludicrous, illogical rules that kept kids out of school.

The same political team let her block the schoolhouse door. It will take a long time for Americans to forgive you for betraying their trust in their health agencies.

Apologize to the children whose lives you have hampered and who may never recover. Admit that masking was useless in slowing COVID-19 spread.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky supported Weingarten’s policies.

 Blunder With Covid
You may have irrevocably harmed these kids by refusing to accept you were wrong for so long. Apologize.

So you couldn’t keep off the TV, Dr. Anthony Fauci, even if it was harming us all.

According to you, criticizing you was “really insulting science” in November 2021. That’s risky.” What’s risky is believing it.

You repeatedly erred on TV or altered earlier statements without explanation. You made political calculations to support the Biden administration’s diktats.

You argued for the stimulus bill’s passage like a lobbyist, not a director of one of our national health agencies.

Dr. Anthony Fauci frequently misunderstood the pandemic.

Worst of all, you silenced other scientists’ views because you knew yours would not hold up. You failed this country by guiding us through the pandemic.

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Apologize. Then leave the stage and never be heard from again.

We saw you unmasked at concerts and gatherings, while our 2-year-olds remain masked.

We know you didn’t think disguising was as vital as you insisted. Nothing else mattered but your might. Apologize.

The last two years’ calamity is at your feet, compliant media. So you made Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose nursing-home mandate killed hundreds, a hero while denouncing Governor Ron DeSantis, who used all of his political capital to get schools open, a decision everyone now claims was easy but wasn’t.

You reported on high case numbers in Florida “as schools opened” to imply school safety. You were a slacker who never questioned the healthcare agencies. You failed us.

Sorry, we don’t believe you.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was vilified for keeping schools open.

The pandemic may be receding, and the impulse may be to forgive and forget without apologies. No way. People who have been wrong for two years can simply revert to pressing their failing prescriptions on us all.

Around the same time last year, COVID limits were relaxed, only to be reimposed with the Delta variant in the summer. We can’t do this.

Last Monday, Mayor Eric Adams announced the suspension of the Key to NYC program, which requires vaccine proof for indoor venues.

A “Recommended Action” plan from the municipal health department calls for masks in schools during “medium spread” and everywhere during “high spread.”

Before we can go on, we need to admit that these policies failed and who was accountable. For our collective future, we must demand.