Republican Rivals Say That Ron Desantis’ Attack on Disney Is Against the Party’s Values!

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ “revenge” political attack on Disney for opposing his “don’t mention gay” law breaches the party’s mantra of controlled government, according to his Arkansas equivalent.

In 2024, DeSantis and Asa Hutchinson may face off for the Republican presidential nomination. Hutchinson started his views on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday.

“I don’t believe the government should punish private corporations simply because we disagree with them,” Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe said, alluding to DeSantis’ signing of a law last week that ended Disney’s 55-year right to self-governance through a special taxation district in Florida.

“That’s not the way to go about it… It’s the classic Republican principle of a limited government that appeals to me.”

DeSantis has been chastised by critics for escalating his dispute with the theme park behemoth, his state’s largest private employer, over the “don’t say gay” rule, which prohibits certain grades from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom.

Many educators say the bill is “hurting and demeaning,” and that it will jeopardize school support for LBGTQ+ pupils. A lawsuit has been filed against it by equality advocacy groups.

“They are misusing their position and attempting to intimidate Floridians and businesses away from showing any support for that community,” said Carlos Guillermo Smith, a Democratic state lawmaker.

Hutchinson seemed unconcerned about DeSantis targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

“To me, the rule that was passed is a basic sense,” he added, “that you shouldn’t be teaching sexual orientation in those schools, those younger classes, those topics that should not be discussed at that age.”

Republican Rivals Say That Ron Desantis' Attack on Disney Is Against the Party's Values

“However, let us do what is right. I understand that there is a fair debate concerning specific tax benefits. But let us not go after businesses and punish them simply because we disagree with their viewpoint.

“I oppose the use of punitive measures against corporations. Businesses make mistakes, and [Disney] shouldn’t have gone there in the first place, but we shouldn’t blame them for their personal decisions.”

This week, Disney retaliated against DeSantis by alerting investors that the state cannot terminate the company’s status without first paying off the company’s bond commitments.

The argument revolves around the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which was created by Florida legislators in 1967 to allow Disney to generate its own taxes and provide vital government services while it built its theme park empire.

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DeSantis’ bill aims to repeal all special taxing districts established before 1968. If Reedy Creek is discontinued next summer, analysts project that families in two counties that Disney’s land encompasses may face property tax increases of thousands of dollars each.

During a town hall on Thursday, DeSantis insisted that Disney will be accountable for paying its bills. CNN said that Obama vowed “further legislative action” to address the problem without providing specifics.