Residents Are Having Difficulty Obtaining Food Stamps as Thanksgiving Approaches

(WSAV) Pembroke, Ga. As Thanksgiving approaches, people in the area say it’s hard for them to get SNAP or food handouts. Stanley Hewitt, who is 70, has been waiting for food stamps for weeks.

Last week, Hewitt spoke with his caseworker twice or three times. “She said to leave my name, number, and SSN and she’d call me in 48 hours, but I never heard from her. I tried to leave a message on her voicemail, but it was already full.

He plans to spend Thanksgiving with his sister, but it has been hard for him not to get help with food. “I spent what little money I had on food, and you don’t get much in return. You know how much food costs.”

Hewitt says that this morning he went to Bryan County Family and Children’s Services. Someone took his information, but as of this afternoon, he hasn’t heard back.

Shianna Waters is a single mother of four who says that her local office hasn’t helped her with Medicaid or food stamps.

“I’ll let them know there’s something wrong. One day, they’ll be in the office, but they won’t let us in. Instead, they’ll tell us to go online. Since the website is down, no one can get help. Waters said, “They are telling everyone to use the website.”

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Hewitt could talk to her caseworker, but Waters couldn’t. “The number for my caseworker was no longer in service, so I couldn’t reach her. I was afraid. I didn’t know how I was going to feed my kids (turkey, etc.) because I didn’t have any money.

“We hadn’t eaten in weeks, and I was trying to find money and get help from family,” she said. Kimberly Sanders, who is in charge of the Bryan County Division of Family and Children’s Services, said, “We will get your information and send it to our communications department, and they will get in touch with you.”

Sanders said that if you are having trouble getting food stamps, you should call the office in your area.

SNAP gives people who qualify money every month to buy food. The initiative helps households with low incomes and few resources. CBPP says that 1 in 7 Georgians used SNAP.