SNAP Benefits for Indiana Residents Will Expire in the Middle of April This Year.

When the pandemic subsidies expire in mid-April, SNAP recipients in Indiana will no longer be able to receive additional benefits.

This is because the state’s designation of a pandemic public health emergency has been revoked.

It’s likely to terrify some individuals when they learn that food stamps have been slashed.” At a time when food costs are on the rise, this is the case.

Carol Phipps, executive director of Franklin, Tennessee-based Interchurch Food Pantry of Johnson County, stated, “We all confront that when we visit the grocery, and the under-resourced individuals it strikes extra hard because they don’t have the money, to begin with, to pay it.”

SNAP recipients in Indiana have been able to receive the full amount of their monthly benefits since April 2020, because of emergency federal COVID-19 funding.

SNAP Benefits for Indiana Residents Will Expire in the Middle of April This Year.

“Things increased right at the beginning of the epidemic. People were in a state of extreme difficulty and fear. According to Phipps, “We’re seeing around 30 percent more now than we were pre-pandemic.”

For more than a quarter of a century, the pantry has been open to all residents of Indiana.

For the past three years, Jean Mills has been making the trip.

With social security, “you don’t have a lot of money,” Mills remarked. “It helps with food,” he continued.

A minimum of once a month, Mills travels from Greenwood to take advantage of the pantry. She claims that having a little extra food on hand while feeding youngsters makes a difference.

Additionally, the food is of high quality and isn’t out of date, so you can save money on your grocery bill and help others in the process, according to Mills.

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More than 607,000 Hoosiers got emergency cash assistance in January, according to the most recent figures.

On April 16, 2022, the additional benefits that Hoosiers are getting will expire because of the expiration of the Governor’s Emergency Pandemic Order and the following end of the health emergency.

While on social security and a certain amount of money, you have to make a choice: eat or pay rent. Mills explained that this helps with the cost of food.

Volunteers are needed at the Johnson County Interchurch Food Pantry. Visit the pantry’s website if you’re interested.