SNAP Payments Worth $50 Million Might Be Affected if Kentucky’s Covid-19 State of Emergency Ends.

Kentucky’s COVID-19 state of emergency may lose $50 million in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program payments, Gov. Andy Beshear said on Monday.

Both the state Senate and the House of Representatives have passed Senate Joint Resolution 150. Beshear would be prohibited from issuing any future COVID-19-related executive orders if this resolution is passed, as well.

Monday, Beshear declared that “Senate Joint Resolution 150 is politics at its worst.”

Kentucky Republicans claim that they’re working to restore the state to normalcy. Beshear said things have been basically normal in terms of pandemic restrictions for months.

SNAP Payments Worth $50 Million Might Be Affected if Kentucky's Covid-19 State of Emergency Ends.

“It’s terrible to end the state of emergency and cut our people off from $50 million worth of food. For what purpose? Kentucky does not have any COVID limitations. None. It’s been six months since there hasn’t been,” Beshear asserted.

According to Beshear, grocery prices in Kentucky have skyrocketed to the point that households might still benefit from assistance.

In terms of health and illness, COVID has not only impacted us. As a result, the price of food has gone up as a result. Since the epidemic, the family has had to pay more for the same quantity of food, Beshear said.

So, why the haste? Would you mind me asking how much that extra help would cost?

Beshear firmly refused, stating, “No.”

“These are federal tax funds at work. It’s free here in Kentucky, and we don’t have to pay for it. As for me, I believe that our vulnerable children and vulnerable elderly should have enough food,” Beshear added.


As Beshear put it, we should expect to hear from him about the resolution by the end of the week at the latest.

One of the resolution’s sponsors is Sen. Danny Carroll of McCracken County, Kentucky’s junior senator. It was for this reason that I contacted him, as well as four other local politicians, to find out their thoughts on ending the state of emergency early.

No one ever responded.

To avoid a veto, the GOP would need to gain a majority in both chambers to override Beshear’s decision.