Social Security: How to Claim Benefits for Your Family

If you get Social Security payments, there is a good chance that family members may qualify on your behalf as well.

If you get Social Security benefits, family members will likely qualify on your behalf as well.

Which members of your family may be eligible for Social Security benefits?

  • Ex-spouses
  • Spouses \sChildren

According to the Social Security Administration, the maximum amount of money your family can get is between 150 and 180 percent of your complete retirement benefit amount.

Benefits for Spouses Who Are Collecting Social Security Benefits

If your spouse has a benefit that they qualify for first, they will get the full amount of that benefit first.

The Social Security Administration will then pay an extra amount depending on your benefits, bringing the total amount to what it should be.

The benefit that your spouse receives at the time of his or her full retirement age cannot be greater than 50% of your full retirement amount.

If they get a government pension, the number of your retirement benefits that they receive may be lowered.

If they receive something, your amount will not be lowered, and it may be beneficial to you in the long term.

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Social Security Benefits Are Paid to Children Who Are Entitled to Them.

Children who may be eligible for assistance include biological, adopted, and stepchildren. Dependents may also be eligible for benefits.

There are several prerequisites that a kid must satisfy to be eligible.

Social Securit

How to Claim Benefits for Your Family

  • They are unable to get married.
  • Must be under the age of eighteen
  • Have a full-time student status in grade 12 or below and be between the ages of 18 and 19. You must be 18 years old or older and have a handicap that began before the age of 22.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Unless the kid is incapacitated, the payments will be terminated when the youngster reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school.

If they work, the earnings restriction will apply to them and your benefits in the same way as it would to you and your benefits if you were employed.

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Ex-spouses Who Are Entitled to Perks

If your ex-spouse meets certain qualifying standards, they may be eligible to claim benefits even if you’ve been married again.

This includes, for example,

  • Your marriage has been together for at least ten years.
  • If they are under the age of 62, they are not married.
  • The benefit they can obtain for themselves is worth less than up to 50% of your benefit. You are entitled to the advantages listed above. Ex-benefit spouses are structured like that of your current spouse’s benefit structure.

If you remarry, your ex-spouse may still be eligible for benefits.

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