Stimulus Check Update: 3 Outrageous Stimulus Scams and Hoaxes| New Updates!

Stop getting your news from Facebook. Scammers find their most receptive audience there, people who not only fall for frauds but happily spread them to others.

Consider these three absurdities. Each scam or hoax is aimed to steal your money.

1. Insane Facebook video

This video was shared on Facebook on February 15. On one side of the screen, Joe Biden spoke. A presidential “executive order” was signed.

Someone (posing as Biden but not sounding like him) adds, “Some will start receiving direct deposits this weekend. Payments to eligible Americans will continue for several weeks.”

It’s hard to tell which is worse: that someone made the video and hoped people would believe it, or that anyone believed it.

The footage was taken from Biden’s climate change speech in November, and the voice heard does not match what the president said at the time.

The White House website is a great resource for finding out what the president has signed or proposed.

Federal Trade Commission phone call

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protects us from scammers. Unfortunately, scammers are happy to call Americans and pretend to be the FTC.

A woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma, received such a call. According to the woman, the FTC has millions of cash to support families as COVID spreads across the US.

Stimulus Check Update

Stimulus Check Update: 3 Outrageous Stimulus Scams and Hoaxes

That her family was entitled to $2,500. The FTC only needed her bank account number to transfer the funds.

The scammer then emptied the woman’s account.

In response, the FTC advised:

  • Neglect any unsolicited emails or SMS.
  • Never return a call from an unknown number.
  • No links in emails or texts.
  • Never hand out personal or financial information to strangers (regardless of who they claim to be).
  • Do not respond to government emails, phone calls, or texts (unless you initiate the contact).

          Report scam contacts to the FTC.

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3. Unrealistic “breaking news”

Not to mention the newsfeeds of social media. You’ll witness a real news set. There may be a “Breaking News” banner in the background.

There may be a news ticker at the bottom of the screen, under a serious newscaster, reading “US Homeowners Due Generous Mortgage Stimulus.”

The current advertising appears to promote a homeowner’s stimulus of up to $3,800. It’s called a “mortgage assistance program,” and the ad makes it sound legit.

Scams are what the Better Business Bureau and AARP have tried to warn people against. You’ll find a lot more personal inquiries if you click more. You’ll be asked for your address, home value, and debt. Then you may be offered a loan. There was no stimulus.

The good news is that knowing there are scammers out there helps us avoid them.

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