19 Jun, 2024
3 mins read

Mississippi’s Monstrous Alligator Breaks Records and Dredges Nightmares

Mississippi has captured a colossal creature that shattered records and sent shockwaves through both locals and social media users alike.  This awe-inspiring feat occurred on the second day of Mississippi’s hunting season and resulted in the capture of the longest alligator ever documented in the state. Measuring a staggering 14 feet and 3 inches in […]

3 mins read

Florida Homeowner Records Huge Alligator’s Climb in Viral Video

A recent security camera recording has captured a surprising sight in Florida—a large alligator attempting to climb the exterior wall of a residence. The bizarre incident occurred in Babcock Ranch and was shared by Matt Devitt, the chief meteorologist at WINK News.  Devitt, known for receiving various alligator-related footage from viewers, humorously remarked, “That’s a […]