23 May, 2024
2 mins read

Eligibility Criteria for $0 Student Loan Payments: Who Qualifies?

Although student loan payments are scheduled to commence shortly, some borrowers may have zero monthly payments. Tuesday marked the official introduction of the Biden administration’s Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan. Vice President Kamala Harris stated in a statement that the proposal might save the average borrower approximately $1,000 per year. It is anticipated […]

3 mins read

Migrant Surge Sparks Tension Between New York’s Democratic Mayor and Biden Administration

The Biden administration opposes a temporary solution that the state and city have proposed, which is escalating tensions between the mayor’s office in New York City and the state and federal governments over how to handle the city’s current influx of more than 58,000 asylum seekers. Because all hotels and shelters are full and new […]

3 mins read

Early Medicare Negotiations: White House Unveils Initial List of 10 Prescription Drugs

In advance of a White House event, the Biden administration is anticipated to announce early next week the first 10 pharmaceuticals chosen for Medicare price talks. As the first-ever direct negotiations among Medicare and pharmaceutical makers over a set of drugs, the declaration will be a landmark milestone in the effort to reduce prescription prices. […]

4 mins read

Biden Administration Launches New Application for Student Loan Repayment Plans

The Biden administration will submit an application for a new student loan repayment plan on Tuesday, the latest effort to provide relief to borrowers as payments resume despite significant political obstacles. “This plan is a game changer for millions of Americans; many are putting off having children, buying their first home, or even starting a […]

2 mins read

Student Loan Payment Restart: Implications for the Economy in 4 Aspects

After over three years of interest-free deferment on federal student loans, millions of Americans will soon be required to make monthly payments. The effects may spread throughout the economy. Currently, federal student loan debt stands at $1.6 trillion, based on data from the New York Fed’s first quarter Household Debt and Credit Report.  This will […]

2 mins read

Biden Administration Deploys Military Aid to Combat Devastating Hawaii Wildfires

President Joe Biden issued an announcement on Wednesday evening stating that he has ordered “all available Federal assets” to assist in the fight against the wildfires that have ravaged portions of the Hawaiian island of Maui. The president stated that the Coast Guard and Navy are assisting with response and rescue operations, whereas the Marines […]