21 Jul, 2024
3 mins read

Health Mystery Unfolds: Rash and Fever Spread Among Tough Mudder Event Attendees

Health authorities in California are looking into several mysterious ailments reported among competitors in a recent obstacle course and run competition called Tough Mudder.  The Sonoma County Department of Health Services (SDHS) has released an advisory after numerous attendees of the event at the Sonoma Raceway, which was held on August 19 and 20, and […]

6 mins read

Unsolvent Fund Raises Concerns Over California’s Plan to Provide Unemployment to Striking Workers

The summer of unrest in Southern California, marked by a series of work stoppages ranging from hotels to Hollywood, has prompted labor-supporting Democrats within the state Legislature to undertake efforts aimed at amending the existing legislation. The objective of these efforts is to facilitate the provision of unemployment benefits to striking workers while they engage […]

2 mins read

Refunds for Over 22,000 Targeted in Ameritech Financial Student Loan Forgiveness Scam

With the assistance of the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice, victims of Ameritech Financial’s student loan debt relief scam will eventually receive refunds. AmeriTech Financial was headquartered in California as well as operated as American Financial Benefits Center under the leadership of Brandon Frere. The FTC announced in a press release issued […]

2 mins read

California EV Tax Credit: Estimating Benefits for Electric Car Purchases

The Golden State is increasing its rebates to assist individuals with low to moderate incomes purchase their electric vehicle (EV) of choice. The eligibility requirements for the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) and the Federal Tax Credit are distinct. If you have an interest in receiving benefits, Melanie Turner, a spokesperson for the Air […]

3 mins read

Health Officials’ Caution of Increased Valley Fever Infections in California

Public health officials in California are raising alarm bells about the heightened risk of Valley fever spreading throughout the state this summer and fall. Valley fever, also known as coccidioidomycosis or “cocci,” can lead to prolonged respiratory problems such as cough, fever, chest pain, body aches, and fatigue. The disease is caused by breathing in […]

3 mins read

California’s Record Blaze: The York Fire Emerges as Largest Wildfire of the Year

In a heartbreaking display of nature’s fury, the York Fire has ravaged California’s beloved Mojave National Preserve, leaving in its wake over 70,000 acres of once-pristine desert landscape, including the iconic Joshua trees and yucca.  Fueled by dangerously high temperatures and relentless winds, this ferocious wildfire has defied containment, surging beyond state lines and encroaching […]