29 Nov, 2023
3 mins read

Legal Showdown: Justice Department and Abbott’s Lawyers Clash Over Rio Grande Navigability

The debate over buoys along the Rio Grande in Texas has intensified, with opposing viewpoints on the river’s navigability and the disruption caused by the floating devices.  The case has brought legal complexities and environmental concerns to light, resulting in acrimonious debates between federal agencies and the state government. Both parties have recently presented their […]

3 mins read

The Fukushima Wastewater Discharge: Unraveling the Scientific Explanation

The decision to release purified radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean has sparked a heated debate, despite the assurances of the United Nations’ atomic regulator that the radiological impact will be ‘negligible.’  This action has caused China to impose a ban on Japanese seafood, raised concerns in Japan and South […]