29 Nov, 2023
3 mins read

Central US Faces Scorching Temperatures Amid Ongoing Heatwave

Sweltering temperatures persisted across much of the central United States, causing misery from the Gulf of Mexico to almost the Great Lakes. Texas and other states have recorded temperature records. People were instructed to drink extra water while mowing lawns or exercising outdoors and to check on their neighbors’ air conditioning availability. Sarah Barnes, a […]

2 mins read

Indiana Police Dogs’ Lives Cut Short by Air Conditioning Failure in Heatwave

In a heartbreaking turn of events, several dogs en route to a police K-9 training facility lost their lives in Indiana due to a tragic failure of the air conditioning system in the vehicle transporting them.  The incident, described as a freak event by the authorities, occurred on Thursday during a two-hour traffic delay as […]