21 Jul, 2024
3 mins read

Early Medicare Negotiations: White House Unveils Initial List of 10 Prescription Drugs

In advance of a White House event, the Biden administration is anticipated to announce early next week the first 10 pharmaceuticals chosen for Medicare price talks. As the first-ever direct negotiations among Medicare and pharmaceutical makers over a set of drugs, the declaration will be a landmark milestone in the effort to reduce prescription prices. […]

2 mins read

Unlocking EV Tax Benefits: Your Ultimate Guide to Credits and Rebates

There are no indications of a slowdown in the industry’s expansion of electric vehicles. Automakers are energizing significant portions of their fleets, and the Detroit-based General Motors has pledged to an all-electric fleet by 2040. The Inflation Reduction Act, which was enacted in 2022 and provides financial incentives for buying of an electric vehicle, contributes […]

2 mins read

Empowering Clean Energy: US Unveils Tax Credits to Benefit Underserved Communities

Thursday, the US Treasury Department announced that eligible communities with low incomes may receive up to a 20% increase in tax credits for qualified solar and wind energy infrastructure. By offering tax credits, the Treasury Department, in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service, intends to attract new market participants into the renewable energy sector. The […]