21 Jul, 2024
3 mins read

Biden’s Immigration Move Under Scrutiny: Court Challenge to Temporary Legal Status

The Biden administration’s policy that grants temporary residence and work opportunities to individuals from Latin America and the Caribbean is facing a legal challenge initiated by a coalition of Republican-led states.  The contentious humanitarian parole program, aimed at providing relief to migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, is poised for a legal showdown as […]

3 mins read

G20 Summit Draws Near: Joe Biden’s Visit to India Scheduled for September 7-10

In a move that underscores the commitment to international collaboration and diplomacy, United States President Joe Biden is slated to embark on a visit to India from September 7 to 10.  The primary purpose of this journey is to participate in the G-20 Leaders’ Summit, where a multitude of global challenges will be discussed among […]

4 mins read

Biden Welcomes New Monument Close to Grand Canyon, Emphasizes US Investment

In a historic step hailed not only for Arizona but for the planet, President Joe Biden signed a national monument designation for the greater Grand Canyon on Tuesday, realizing the enduring aspirations of Native American tribes and environmental advocates.  Occurring during Biden’s three-state Western tour, this decision aims to safeguard approximately 1,562 square miles (4,046 […]

3 mins read

President Biden’s Words on His Son Hunter: A Possible Political Fallout Ahead

US President Joe Biden finds himself in the midst of renewed controversy as contradictory remarks made by his son, Hunter Biden, and former business partner, Devon Archer, come to light.  The House Oversight Committee’s ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings has added fuel to the political fire. On Monday, Archer testified before the House […]

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Social Security SSI Payment Update: Consolidation of August Checks

Americans who rely on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments can expect a change in their payment schedule in August 2023. According to the Social Security Administration, SSI beneficiaries will receive one payment for the month instead of the usual two.  Tuesday, August 1st, is scheduled for the release of the funds. Two checks are going […]