23 May, 2024
2 mins read

Lawsuit Filed to Prevent Medicaid Cancellations in Florida

Tuesday, two consumer advocacy organizations filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Florida seeking to prevent the state from terminating residents’ Medicaid benefits. The lawsuit is the first in the nation to challenge the states’ resumption of evaluating Medicaid enrollees’ qualifications and dropping those who are no longer qualified.  The procedure, which the Congress […]

4 mins read

Lawsuit Aims for $17M Medicaid Reimbursements from Planned Parenthood in Texas

A legal battle is unfolding in Texas as the state aims to hold Planned Parenthood accountable for millions of dollars in Medicaid payments and potential fines.  The case, which centers on health services and Medicaid reimbursements, has sparked heated debates and raised questions about the scope of the federal False Claims Act.  As the nation’s […]

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Thousands of Wyoming Residents, Mainly Children, Lose Medicaid and Kid Care Coverage

Since the Wyoming eligibility evaluation and removal process began in April, it is estimated that more than 10,000 individuals have lost Medicaid or Kid Care CHIP coverage.  Approximately 9,000 individuals had their coverage renewed under government programs. While approximately 600 of those removed are no longer eligible, the Wyoming Department of Health reports that over […]

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Work Requirements in Medicaid: Georgia’s Singular Policy Amidst Change

Georgia has become the sole state in the United States to institute work requirements in its Medicaid program. In contrast to previous efforts by Republican-led states to impose work requirements in Medicaid, Georgia’s effort is anticipated to raise the amount of people with health insurance, as opposed to stripping coverage from countless low-income residents.  This […]

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Medicaid Coverage Cut: Over 47,000 Illinois Residents Affected by Eligibility Verification

This month, over 47,000 Illinois residents denied Medicaid coverage for healthcare, joining millions of Americans losing Medicaid coverage as states require recipients to demonstrate their continued eligibility. In total, 47,625 residents of Illinois terminated coverage on August 1, according to an email from Jamie Munks, a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family […]

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Medicaid Restrictions: Pediatric Hospital Ceases Accepting Most New Patients

Beginning Tuesday, Nemours Children’s Health in Delaware will no longer serve the majority of new patients enrolled in New Jersey’s Medicaid managed care insurance program. The leaders of the renowned pediatric hospital will decline a $10 million state grant that legislators had hoped would convince them to remain in the network. Approximately 11,000 south Jersey […]

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NY Medicaid Budget Surpasses $100B Amid Migrant Crisis

Annually, New York’s public health insurance for the indigent surpasses $100 billion. The migrant crisis may lead to further growth. Based on New York budget estimates, the state’s Medicaid program presently enrolls 7.8 million residents at a staggering cost of $108 billion for 2023-24. This is nearly $10 billion more than the $99 million budget […]